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May 2016
I told you that I didn't want to be hurt again
I told that I wanted years not months
You didn't listen and still hurt me
You decided for months instead of years
Now I sit in my dark bedroom during midnight
Now I sit there and cry myself to sleep
How did I not see that it would end soon
How did I not care to notice you didn't like this
Where can I go to find happiness again
Where do I go to have trust again
No where is good enough for me
Not my family or my friends
I know that when I speak to you I am happy
I know that my depression worsens after I start talking to you
But I can't seem to stay away from you
I try and force myself away but it isn't enough
Now my heart feels like it is being shredded in the center
Now I feel broken pieces in the core
But you just laugh it away and make up excuses
But I have to keep seeing you
You call me friend which is what you want
You never thought to ask what I want
Every time you call me Friend
Every time my heart is being stabbed by pain
Now I am here crying away
Now I am here failing apart
Because of you and your words
Because I had fallen for you and can't get up.
Camron Elliott
Written by
Camron Elliott  Texas
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