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Mar 2016
O Holy God if ever a time that your healing is needed it is now.
Let your Spirit send your Healing raining down upon the world.
Let it overwhelm, your people that are still here on the earth.
As well as others whom eyes shall become open through it.
O I plead and pray that this shall be the season for eyes to be opened.
Let your Healing pour down from the Heaven that is way above us.
Restrengthen your people, while healing us of our pain and struggles.
While opening the eyes of those that shall believe, repent and follow.
Because every day this planet dies even more so heal heal everyone.
For no one but you know the ones that belong to you Lord God.
I want to thank my Sister Catherine, brother and sister Brandon and Lady Jane, my other sister Jane and both my sisters Elsie, and Alyssa all the other Mighty MOG and *** I love you all in Christ.
I love you that do not even know yet that you belong to God plus everyone else I want all of you to be healed
Eddie Starr Love Poetry
Written by
Eddie Starr Love Poetry  Hagerstown Md
(Hagerstown Md)   
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