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Jan 2016
I try to mend this fragile heart
As my confidence decreases
Everything is falling apart
As I try to pick up the pieces
Deceitful lies, blind my eyes
To all this pain that I've internalized
I've been in denial for miles
My psyche defiled, my emotions exiled
And when I put myself on trial,
I always give myself the death sentence
It makes my dark side smile,
Just imagining my breath endin'
There's got to be some way out, but I just can't seem to find it
And my past remains unchanged, no matter how I wish I could rewind it
These thoughts, they feel like splinters, in my melancholy mind
Seems like my moments of sorrow are greater than all the joyful ones combined
And my idea of "happiness" has never been well-defined
Brian David Hazel
Written by
Brian David Hazel
   --- and mikecccc
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