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Dec 2015
I'm reminded of the pain everyday
The sounds of their sobbing running through my mind
The image of their tears flashing across my eyes

They seem to have bounced back well
Hiding the tears with a smile
Masking the pain with jokes and laughter
The hell of loss leaving no visible damage

I wonder if they remember the last conversation
The last sleepover
The last joke they shared
The last memory they took

I hope they don't have a lost promise
Or several last wishes broken by fate
A bond they could only wish was stronger
Or a conversation they wish lasted longer

I hope they get better with each passing day
Getting over the stab to the heart that came with just five words
Forgetting the hell they witnessed in that room
Forgetting the red, puffy eyes of all their friends

I believe they can get stronger
Forget the pain as time goes on
Remember the fun they had together
And never regret all the things they'd never done
You don't have to hide the pain anymore
Written by
Wyvern Queen
   --- and Skaidrum
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