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Dec 2015
Never once have I regretted our meeting
Or the words I said when you weren't listening
Every second with you has been a blessing

So why now, of all times, do I wish we never met
That you never got paired up with me
That you never said a single word
That you never stepped foot in that god forsaken classroom

You were always the reason for my happiness
The reason I made all of my great friends
And the reason having a crush made me feel good

Why did you have to be so friendly
You didn't need to come back once we drifted apart
You should've just ******* left and never came back

January fifth shouldn't make me feel numb
October fourteenth shouldn't have any meaning
Valentine's day shouldn't make me think of rejection

I'd **** people to bring you back
I'd put others through great loss so I could be happy
Just to talk to you one more time

Why did you have to enter my life
You just jumped right in and never dove out
I didn't ask to think of you every **** day

I never asked for you to break my ******* heart
I should've ignored you
Written by
Wyvern Queen
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