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Sep 2015
Existential awareness
surrounds her being.
Emanating light in
the most magical of ways.

Lythe and lissome,
filled with the essence of Love.
Her smile settles in as a
wave into sand.

The embrace is filled with
compassion and mercy,
touching and dear...
One is blessed by energy received.

Our "I dream of" joyously present.
"Your wish is my pleasure" Genie,
reveals wisdom of
the Ancient ones.

A divine vessel of Being
Words of clarity, knowledge and
understanding, eminating
from a place of otherworld divinity

Her voice is an instrument of
Celestial Beings. A mistress to the
Heavens, She blesses us
with each communication shared.

Grateful for her miracle of
Manna (Mana) We are gifted by
the gentleness with
which she shows the way...

☆Jeannie is a Channeler☆

(CHANNELER. : a person who
conveys thoughts or energy from
a source believed to be outside the
person's body or conscious mind;
specifically: one who speaks
for nonphysical beings or spirits.)
(MANNA: the power of the
elemental forces of nature
embodied in an object or person).

Copyright © 2015 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.
This piece is not to be viewed as
anti-faith of any Religion. Rather a
celebration of all spirtuality
that represents Love.
Christi Michaels MoonFlower
         J, Sam Temple, Sia Jane, mark cleavenger, patty m and 15 others
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