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Aug 2015
He planted a garden in my heart for all eyes to see.
He planted kisses on my face, amplifying that he's with me.

He watered down my fears with the scent of his calogne.
If you asked me I'd tell you 'He'll never leave me alone.'

And for a while he kept his promise and stayed by my side.
But after a while the roses wilted and the flowers began to die.

Now I'm stuck with the weeds of his love spreading in my veins.
Being watered by my tainted blood flowing through their streams.

But my fear is not this poison that spreads through me everyday.
Because I'm more terrified of his smile, that won't even look my way.

And he'll be there, loving her, the girl that took my place.
While I stand around with the fakest smile plastered on my face.

And that boy that promised he'd love me forever, just decided to leave.
Now here I am, left with a garden of poison and I can barely breathe.
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