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Aug 2015
I suppose what bothers me the most
is thats you didn't both invite me out with you tonight,
after you left the bar that is.
Even though you had the power to right in your hands.
Instead you left me alone all night,
knowing my heart was/is in despair.
I've had a very long and tough week as you know,
it would've been nice to have a fun night out with you,
but I suppose that deemed too much for you even think of and propose.
We both could've had a nice night, and there wouldn't of been any need to fight.

In the very end though, there was only one thing I asked in return,
was that you'd brush your teeth when you got home.
So I wouldn't get the urge to drink when I tasted beer on your lips.
If I had wanted to drink tonight, I would've.
Don't think the thought didn't cross my mind a thousand times.
Consider that and acknowledge I'm trying here,
but won't or really can't make it own my own.
You are truly the only person I have left,
that really cares where I end up.

Yet, I'm the pathetic and stupid one.
Maybe your right about that.
Maybe, just maybe, I shouldn't care so much,
Or in better words,
I should've left more than half of my remaining heart buried.
I love you either way, but these words are the things I fell unable to say, while you continue on with your night singing.
Amber Rae McNeilan
Written by
Amber Rae McNeilan  here and there
(here and there)   
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