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Jun 2015
They flew away. Far, far from the present, out to the blue ocean.

They seem happy now.

A long journey has ended. Maybe you know this tale.

It started with a thunder. A white flash, striking into the ground.

The earth was shaking, it had the power of Creation.

People would whisper in fear, they could not have understood.

This day, Stars were born. Bright, bright wonders.

The Earth slowly began shifting, its shape bending and aching.

A new world was about to be born.

It was from this moment, that they could commence flourishing.

They needed light, soil, and heat.

From the instance the second one evolved out of the first, they started working;

Day and night, sewing small fractions of energy, intertwining their thoughts all the while.

With increasing harmony their efficiency multiplied.

When the time has come, the timber sufficed to set sail.

Out into the darkness. Warm, heavy smells, flesh on flesh.

The stars shone brighter than ever.

The impulses left burning marks behind. Trees, flowers and feathers spread out in the meadows.

Leaping into the water again and again. Drowning in the sensation.

Roots were growing deep into this young soil, they were satisfied.

The horizon was melting into the sky. People would become terrified.

The more time passed, the more the water thickened.

They stopped feeling the chills in their spines; their limbs would go numb.

Sinking slowly into their Art, the fire turned into smoke.

Tranquility. Trust. Hope.

Years have gone by.

From afar, a strange sound shook the waves.

Stars, again, became visible above the mirrors.

People would not see them anymore.

Suddenly, something akin to a cocoon, cracked open and revealed an Object. It was solid and cold.

When they looked around, they could not find what they needed.

No light, no soil, no heat.

They were free to go.

So they did.

Would you have seen their wings, you would have mistaken them for the wind.

Disbanding into nothing.

Only a few marks have been left behind.

People would walk on the ground were the lightning hit.

They are happy now.
A tale of Nature.
Blind Distance
Written by
Blind Distance
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