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May 2015
After church that night,
i had no ride, there were no lights
Just walked determinedly...
That no harm would accost me
That no raindrops upon me would fall
Were my prayers, my most fervent calls,
I played deaf to howling dogs
Never mind the croaking of the hiding frogs
I had no cane to wag or shoo away the dogs that followed
But i grew cold, I knew they were breathing, these faceless shadows
I had no more strength in store
But fear melted and came out of my pores
I believed, someone unconquerable kept my fears at bay      
While a pearly full moon, lighted my way.

The road was still long, and sloping
And i sensed the rain coming
But how could it happen tonight
With a moon in sight?
For some reason, i looked up and it was gone!  
Couldn't see, even a spoon-shaped one
There was just a soft beam,
Shedding dismal light, it had seemed.

And i,  was now catching my breath---

Almost all was hushed by the darkness
But, all took light, as i passed by neighbors' houses
Under the navy blue sky, the wind gave a not so gentle blow
I looked up, saw my pearly moon back...i was led home, by a glow.

The glow...His words, shone bright upon me,
though i saw dark, the Glow from the Gospel, guided me
they echoed that night of anticipated mass:
"If you remain in me and my words in you, then you will ask
for anything...and you shall have it.."  
He kept me safe, and so be it
God's words proved so true
From fear and danger, He delivered me, He got me through...

          (Happened the night of May 2, 2015...)


Copyright May 22, 2015
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan

*** "If you remain in me and my words in you, then you will ask
for anything...and you shall have it.." John 15: 7  ***
Sally A Bayan
Written by
Sally A Bayan  F/Manila, Philippines
(F/Manila, Philippines)   
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