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Apr 2015
My mom tells me it will be alright,
Yet I sit and cry about it day and night
As the people in my family become out of sight
It seems that the numbers get higher
I become not the only crier
Other parts of the world are crying too
My mom tells me it's like a flue
1 million are dying every year
My heart drops, for my moms time is near
So I began to pray

When evening comes around,
I began to frown
For my stomach groans
For within the day,
Their was nothing not even on the ground
But dead body's lying around
We bless them,
for in their afterlife,
Their will be grapes and veggies in sight

But for now the rest of us starve
Did you know 20,000 die every day
And that's just children
So we must pray  
Pray for the ones that go to bed hungry every night,
Pray so in the morning there will be food in sight!
Purple Rain
Written by
Purple Rain  U.S.A
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