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Apr 2015
It wasnt just you , but youre the main one that flashed the signs.
Signs of hurt , ache , tears , feelings that were never felt before.
As if I was drowning myself every moment spent with you, but blinded by hope .
Hope that we'd grow up and move onto better things.
Atleast thats what I summarized as my feelings
Then it was him, who claimed me as being mentally challanged.
When all to reality im now mentally destroyed
Him who told me he cant except me for who I am, but who he wants me to be.
Adrenaline rising once I heard all the news.
But of course I didnt want to talk it out with you.
Stressed about it sent me to the hospital bed
Just the fact that my blood rises because of you, admits the feelings I had.
Sight, vision, touch.
Your fingertips.
When they would persuade my skin to believe your lies.
Your lips would corress my neck making me fall deeper .
Whispers of "I love you" that would pump life into my heart are now gone.
Disappeared into someone elses ear .
The ear and lips that spreaded us partΒ Β 
The ones that tried to take part of me without you knowing
They persuaded you to do what you did.
The scars tucked underneath from that night you started to switch
My lips that freeze whenever it comes to speaking to you.
Sensing the fact that youve changed and dont care for my being.
So ill stay away..
This poem is very old but my last words ..
Written by
Daiyzah  Georgia
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