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Katelyn Jul 2017
I can't help it.
help what?
Falling in love with you,
You are my sun, moon and all my stars.
Your eyes are like a pool of water, I'm worried if I stare too long I may drown.
Your smile is so bright, even the sun turns away in jealousy.
To my baby, my love, my soulmate.
Katelyn Jun 2017
She's gone.
Today she was called home.
She's now roaming the lush streets of gold in pain, no more.
I miss her, but I know she is always with me.
I love you maw-maw.
Katelyn Jun 2017
You are beautiful.
You are wonderful.
Being you, makes me feel so happy.
Just by being you, this may sound sappy..
You, the only person I've ever wanted.
I love you, my love.
To my love.
Katelyn May 2017
These emotions.
They Make me feel jubilant.
They Make me feel sad.
They Make me feel good.
They Make me feel bad.
But let's get one thing straight, when you're in love, there's no feeling like feeling above.
Dedicated to my soulmate.
Katelyn Nov 2015
It* happened again,
the **** thing called a *relapse
Thanks for being clean
just a little while.
Thank You
So Very Much.
Katelyn Nov 2015
She always puts on a smile,
always makes you laugh,
always there for you when you
need to chat, or rant or cry.
The simplest love is the best love,
and don't you forget it.
Katelyn Nov 2015
Anxiety, really?
You again, tormenting me with all this
stress which I don't need,
life seems good, when I feel as though it isn't
struggling with my sexuality.
Thanks for being a ***** anxiety,
I can always count on you...
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