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Mar 2015
I. stop singing me lullabies every time i can't fall asleep.

II. stop taking me places and clouding my thoughts with memories of you that will forever stay engrained in every fissure of my skull

III. stop writing me letters that i will never get to read because i have no home for you to send them to

IV. stop believing in our happy ending when the world has turned to dust and silence is all that you can hear

V. stop holding on to threads that you know will snag from every tree you try to climb for me

VI. stop fighting for me when all you have left are two hundred and six broken bones to keep you company

VII. stop writing songs for me that i will never get to hear

VIII. stop wishing for the stars to form constellations for we will stargaze at nothing but a pitch black sky

IX. stop holding on to the photograph i took of you on our very first date

X. stop making me burst into flames, for that's how loving you feels like to me
(especially with you so far away)
// you asked me to write you wishes for every year that i've been gone, but darling, i only wish you knew that i've already sewn all of my heart to yours //
Eunice Amor Oh
Written by
Eunice Amor Oh  Singapore
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