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Jan 2015
I'm abounded to a woman I met
years ago.
she now walks with a cane and slow
every day she wakes before me.
she fixes my breakfast, packs my lunch.
day in and day out, I wake at six
put on my clothes and join her for breakfast.

We don't talk, we don't smile.
My only words to her are thank you and see you soon.
I go to work, as she goes to the store,
While I hammer in a nail, she feeds the birds.
She works at the church and I look at the blue prints.
I eat lunch prepared in a box, wile she goes to eat with friends.

On days I don't work we spend it with family,
or fill the quiet house with the flipping of pages or the race.
We vacation at lakes and family in other towns.
We don't talk we don't comment on the way
we listen to the radio and count trucks.
Our vacations are too short, but she,
she doesn't complain when I have to go back to work.

At the end of the day I come home
supper is already ready, we sit down to eat.
We pray, and serve our selves in silence.
I shower, dress, watch some television, then go to bed.
She does the same after making sure the house is pristine,
few words have been said between us two.
I turn out the light and close my eyes.

But before I go to sleep I say a little prayer
You see, … the days pass on, but we still don't talk.
Not about the weather or the news,
not about the day we spent apart.
we manage on our own apart but together everything is right.

From the first time our eyes met I knew what she meant to me.
It is not of the words we say,
but it is the time we spend together.
I love her for the smile she holds on her face,
and the things she does with no justification.
It is the love that is always there,
love that has not been spoken.

I love her to the end of my days.
It is a love that reminisce after we both have depart,
our graves will stand justice of our love for one another.
If I make it to heaven I will meet her there
not one word will be said, not a nod of the head.
A smile will come to her lips,
because all of the "thank yous'" and "see you soon's"
that comes from mine,
are all the "I love yous" that I have said.

Each day and each moment I love her,
and she knows we are abound together,
with a few simple words,
"I do" is the longest of sentences we have ever said.
Written by
Alece Woosley
     ---, Mary Pear, Jamadhi Verse and Pink Hat
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