Anahata, Vishuddha
bestow me your peace.
Let me open so that heaven, spirit,
and earth move wholly through me.
Let all of eternity flow smoothly
through this conduit of trembling form.

Radiate warmly your green and blue.
Bless and imbue me with your earthly hues.
Let me accept - not reject - this painful flesh.
Let me rest, oh let me rest
throughout this ancient precession
of primal blood trial and primordial lessons --
these difficult blessings that come to me
in waves of drowning, pounding heartbeats,
and looming canyons of fissuring grief,
or these weak, doubtful longings
to be physically released.

Let me handle bereavement with absolute grace.
Let the tears be welcomed gifts
as they rain as jewels upon my face.
Let me break and break and break again
until there is no solid in me for the light to end.
Let it shine right through me and forever mend
my mind’s resistance to physical death.
Allow the rivers of life force to manifest
a power that flowers beyond this plane.
Let me split and bloom and shed this name.
Burn through me until I am once again the flame
that ignites from sentient emptiness.

Anahata, Vishuddha
Undress me of my shame.
Leave me naked and powerful and unafraid
to tenderly embrace this human pain.
Open your gates.
I await and I bow down to love.
I kiss the feet of everything that is to come.
I absolve myself of all grudge and drop
the immense weight of those stones
and in reverence I ascend upon this throne
as a mere feather in the hallowed wind.
I accept, honor, nurture and revere
the imperfect hearts of everything.
I forgive myself within every being.

Anahata, Vishuddha
you are free.
Open your arms and fall against me.
Transmit through me this rhapsody
while time immaculately ticks
the unfolding of this immeasurable bliss.
Like a magnificent wave flooding a gift
out into the rifts of empty space --
help make weightless what lays on all minds.

J.M. 2017

I have a blockage of heart and throat, which has been building tremendous pain. I am done feeling this way. Let it all flow. I let it all go.
Jamadhi Verse Apr 12

The Beloved came
in a hundred different ways this day.
Whispering, “Stay with me.”

I felt its enormous love taking up space
behind me on the back of the bus:
electric, portal of cosmic dust.
Guardian of infinite, vibrating eyes
along with me for the everyday ride.
My heart couldn’t help, but laugh with love.

Out the window on a rough, jagged street corner
I locked eyes just a moment with a stranger:
dark skin, chapped lips
shoving fruit slices between his teeth --
far too big for his mouth to eat.
The juices were running out.
The Beloved there within his eyes
as a mischievous twinkling,
winking as we drove by.
“Enjoy these fruits with me.”

Beloved behind me cries:
“There! There! Down near the ships!”
as we drove slowly over the bridge.
Beloved there disguised, liquefied
as the shifting canal water,
waving at me excitedly over and over.
“Allow composure and join the flow!”

On the bus up near the front row
was the tired old man crumpled in his seat,
a plastic cast sheathed upon his foot.
Milky eyed, vacant look as he twitched
a small smile into the empty space.
Beloved shone within his face,
“You need not see to know this place.”

Beloved was the tangerines spilling
from the woman’s large flower purse.
Colorful, orange, bouncing bursts
rolling joyfully across the floor
like scores of scattering, brilliant suns.
Beloved cackling,
“There’s enough of me for everyone!”

The girl walking across the street --
hair neatly half black, the other side pure white.
Beloved as yin and yang in plain daylight.
Just a twist of her head revealed a new side.
Beautifully dichotomized beneath the traffic light.
Beloved moving with her stride,
“Can’t have one without the other side!”

I pulled the chain and hopped off the bus
that hissed a sigh as it deposited us
onto the overcast and gloomy street
where Beloved grew abundantly
in pavement cracks trapped beneath
our negligent, trampling feet.
Returning its crushed petals and
shining greens into the earth silently.
“It’s okay! I always grow back.”
Beloved confided in me.

Beloved quietly moving along as the breeze,
wrapping itself tenderly around all things.
Peacefully whistling as it fondles
the leaves of the trees,
lifting the hood of my coat right off of me
in a sudden gasp of ecstasy.
“There is nothing you need to hide!”

I caught my reflection
in the oversized, unkind window pane.
My instinct was to grimace - it’s always the same,
but this time I did not avert my gaze
having finally awakened to see something else:
Beloved -- laughing and looking as me --
smiling with undying love
upon itself.

J.M. 2017

This was a true bus ride I experienced last week.
If you watch in silence everything that happens around you, allow it all to be what it is without judgment, allow yourself to feel a part of what is you hidden inside of every moment, every action, every person and being you ever witness.. it will open. It will all open and unfold itself in loving ecstasy right into your trembling arms.
Today is my one year HP anniversary. Thank you so much for the kindness, friendship, and home you have given me. Each of you has revealed to me such beautiful divinity.
Jamadhi Verse Apr 5

I watch how the light touches the sea,
how it caresses and rides each wave effortlessly.
I marvel how color and liquid blend so intimately:
one gifting shimmer, the other fluidity.
A bonding that completes the beautiful life
of the ever-shifting, tenacious tides.

This is how it feels deep inside,
where long ago I gave you a home.
You - like a light - sliding around my bones,
warming my veins, gifting my soul,
moving through me without effort at all.
You are the sun that rises and sets
with the peaceful motion of my chest,
with every wave of my silent breath.
We are a fluid feeling in blissful rest --
perpetual and ineffable.

You are an energy that illuminates my being
while I move with the earth,
shape-shifting and dreaming.
We are intrigue and secrecy delicately weaving
into a mysterious, hallowed experience.
You patiently dance with my ebb and flow
and kiss me with light as I forever unfold.
Glowing and growing down into my depths,
you reveal the treasures I forget I possess.

You are a progressive dimension –
absolute perfection, a beauty far beyond vision.
You’ve conquered and ridden my powerful waves
crested upon them and set my world ablaze
with your dazzling rays of manifest love.
Like a golden chariot from the heavens above
you scale my every inch with your fiery touch.
You unveil my pearls, dripping and flushed
from my deepest, darkest depths.

Like the holiest of waters,
I have been blessed --
bared and wet beneath
this sun.

J.M. 2017

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