phocks Jun 2014
just came back from a weekend away, down the coast in byron bay, where the lighthouse overlooks the eastern horizon, where we made love on the rocks so long ago, where our selfsame separate memories intermingled, each with the other, where i wandered from shore to shore, and looked to the mirror moon for comfort, and found your arms
a 3am txt never sent
phocks Apr 2014
grey skies roll
clouded tropical
of future falls
shrouding skies
and shifting seas
from sad-eyed lowlands
to mountain highs
and we as trees
shiver branches
ever extending
shootings in the breeze
at arm’s reach
we never touch
too far apart
and as such
falling droplets
slip through fingers
and shatter the ground
an endless coming down
our roots soaked through
and craving more
all around
aroused from slumber
the petrichor grows
slowly floating up
and filling the air
composed at sunrise as the first storm rolled overhead
phocks Apr 2014
You know, you take all I’ve got.
I don’t want to stop.
It’s takes far too long.
And we, can never get away.
I’m trying every day.
To be the one you want.
So go, take it all away.
I’m dying now today,
And we can’t even leave, tonight.
Today, you seem so far away.
It comes in many waves,
The biggest ones we’ve got.
We can't be what we're not.
Believe, we can move ahead.
I don't know what I said,
To make you run away.

But, I won’t see you any more.
I’m headed for that door.
So please don’t talk to me.
For now, I’ve taken off with her.
It’s something we've deferred,
Again without a friend.
And don’t look out for me,
‘Cause you'll see I’m doing fine,
and you’re way out of line,
for forgetting that I’m here.
I see, you’re falling over there,
There’s something in your hair,
but you can’t brush it out from here,
oh no! Oh no!

Get away.

I hate the way you breathe.
I hate the way you see,
Me in this state of mine.
State of mind,
Out of time.
I see you passing out behind
The concert ticket line.
I know it’s up to me.

But I get so excited when you’re near.
And it's not exactly clear
What I’m even trying to say.
So I'll get away,
I’m leaving here today.
I’ll go be on my way.
Nothing more to say.
Don’t get in the way.
I’m not here to play.

It’s good enough to fail.
Insist on being my best friend,
When it all comes to an end.
I won’t know where I stand.
ramblings of the abandoned
phocks Apr 2014
the first time, touched
us, otherwise strangers
delving within ourselves
our overt close encounters
past intimate imitations
of love’s labour lost and gained
we collide
again and again
crossing over, crossing under
energies focused at the hip
flowing through & into one another
we release
feathers soaked
in each other’s essence
for soakyourfeathers on tumblr
phocks Mar 2014
With the lost boy syndrome that he once did know,
Chained to Ockham's Razor and a broken window,
The eternal optimist averts his gaze
From shadows projected upon Plato's cave,
To the world outside beyond shattered glass
Where taking flight or falling fast
Is boon or bust
And fairy dust.
phocks Feb 2014
Last night
I kissed a girl
With eyes that
Reminded me of yours

And in my eyes reflected
She could certainly see
That she
Was not you
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