12.3k · Nov 2014
Weeping Willows
phocks Nov 2014

a warm dawning sun
rises slow on hazy horizons
with winds wildly
down endless
interconnected currents
we wake up
to birds singing
timeless songs of morning
and our forgotten past
leaves us hanging
like willows weeping
in the rain

from this year's nanowrimo novel
Weeping Willows was selected as the daily poem November 10, 2014
12.0k · Apr 2014
an intimate crossing
phocks Apr 2014

the first time, touched
us, otherwise strangers
delving within ourselves
our overt close encounters
past intimate imitations
of love’s labour lost and gained
we collide
again and again
crossing over, crossing under
energies focused at the hip
flowing through & into one another
we release
feathers soaked
in each other’s essence

for soakyourfeathers on tumblr
9.5k · Jun 2014
to the lighthouse
phocks Jun 2014

just came back from a weekend away, down the coast in byron bay, where the lighthouse overlooks the eastern horizon, where we made love on the rocks so long ago, where our selfsame separate memories intermingled, each with the other, where i wandered from shore to shore, and looked to the mirror moon for comfort, and found your arms

a 3am txt never sent
3.4k · Apr 2014
the first rain
phocks Apr 2014

grey skies roll
clouded tropical
of future falls
shrouding skies
and shifting seas
from sad-eyed lowlands
to mountain highs
and we as trees
shiver branches
ever extending
shootings in the breeze
at arm’s reach
we never touch
too far apart
and as such
falling droplets
slip through fingers
and shatter the ground
an endless coming down
our roots soaked through
and craving more
all around
aroused from slumber
the petrichor grows
slowly floating up
and filling the air

composed at sunrise as the first storm rolled overhead
2.6k · Feb 2012
The Feminine
phocks Feb 2012

Stalking your Tumblr, brief insights.
I attempt to reconcile the feminine, as something I cannot give.
(I am the polar bear on the floor)
My mind wanders and wonders,
As I call one last time.
She's not picking up.
Is she?
Am I not enough?

1.5k · Feb 2012
Aspirations of Hills Hoist
phocks Feb 2012

The undercurrents of society flow,
Like dreaming fog lights caught in the undertow.
A lone warrior fights only with himself,
So that soon one day he can be put on the shelf,
Ready to be picked at the drop of a hat,
Sadly misused I know not what is said.
Forty two mistletoe drive is where my baby lies,
Under the shade of my boondocks ride,
So long and farewell my princess belle,
No two times go together very well.

1.5k · May 2013
phocks May 2013

Something here is not quite right.
The days have become shorter
And we are no longer certain
Of our respective fates in the world.
The times have changed and now
We are all alone.
There is no longer any light
Guiding us and we are floating
In a dark space from which there is no escape
Or reprieve.
Blank looks become our faces
And we find ourselves wandering the streets
Again, aimless and without reproach
For our crimes.
The things that once motivated
And inspired us
Have long lost their appeal
And all of our prejudices and hates
Have come back to haunt us,
Again and again.
We no longer hope for a better world
For ourselves or for anyone,
But instead
Wish our pain upon everyone we see
In these cold and bitter streets.
The night is coming soon
And with it will bring an end
To all of this.
There is nothing left except pain
And suffering.
The distance between us is widening.
We no longer communicate.
All of our technology
Has enslaved us.
We will all die alone
And with a mountain of regret
That we will never share with anyone.
A noxious gas has descended
Upon humanity and is filling
Our very souls with its vapid waste
And toxic demeanour
And now we are forced to endure
The coming dark age
With no one
And nothing to protect us
Or save us.
We wait patiently for our fate.
There is no optimism.
The time has come
To lay down our defences
And submit
To the coming reign of terror.
It is no use to fight anything.
Our time has come
And passed us by.
We have failed.
We have failed ourselves.
We have failed our world.
And we have failed each other.
Good luck.

1.5k · Feb 2012
phocks Feb 2012

Park life dawns
Down on the grass
High on the path
Ships sail at
Half mast
Towards new waters
Under the sun

1.3k · Aug 2012
Blowin’ In The Mind
phocks Aug 2012

two ships a-sailin’ on the water, where the seagulls fly
a high wind’s a-bowin in their minds, into the night
some say that time is an illusion, seven seconds die
and i watch the first of my solutions, hang me out to dry

all across the watch tower she says to me, her lover’s gone
seems to me to be that he was a-waiting, for the world to come
tell your friends that you have been a-watching, for another fall
hear the call of the falling bird who will tell you, you deserve the world

another door towards your evolution, knock knock who’s there?
your blood stained hair flows everywhere, but not to me
with one eye closed upon my invitation, will go unsung
and into the depths of my creation, we’ll come undone

’cause the answer, is blowin’ in the mind

1.2k · Jun 2014
phocks Jun 2014

alone, damp, adrift
waters rise, on the edge
the tides, the trials
and we the ones on fire
hide out, frightened
and afraid
our dying light
once more
might arise

for those
and those
1.1k · Oct 2013
phocks Oct 2013

The undercurrents of society flow,
Like dreaming fog lights caught in the undertow.
A lone warrior fights only with himself,
So that soon one day he can be put on the shelf,
Ready to be picked at the drop of a hat,
Sadly misused I know not what is said.
Forty two mistletoe drive is where my baby lies,
Under the shade of my boondocks ride,
So long and farewell my princess belle,
No two times go together very well.

1.1k · Apr 2014
phocks Apr 2014

You know, you take all I’ve got.
I don’t want to stop.
It’s takes far too long.
And we, can never get away.
I’m trying every day.
To be the one you want.
So go, take it all away.
I’m dying now today,
And we can’t even leave, tonight.
Today, you seem so far away.
It comes in many waves,
The biggest ones we’ve got.
We can't be what we're not.
Believe, we can move ahead.
I don't know what I said,
To make you run away.

But, I won’t see you any more.
I’m headed for that door.
So please don’t talk to me.
For now, I’ve taken off with her.
It’s something we've deferred,
Again without a friend.
And don’t look out for me,
‘Cause you'll see I’m doing fine,
and you’re way out of line,
for forgetting that I’m here.
I see, you’re falling over there,
There’s something in your hair,
but you can’t brush it out from here,
oh no! Oh no!

Get away.

I hate the way you breathe.
I hate the way you see,
Me in this state of mine.
State of mind,
Out of time.
I see you passing out behind
The concert ticket line.
I know it’s up to me.

But I get so excited when you’re near.
And it's not exactly clear
What I’m even trying to say.
So I'll get away,
I’m leaving here today.
I’ll go be on my way.
Nothing more to say.
Don’t get in the way.
I’m not here to play.

It’s good enough to fail.
Insist on being my best friend,
When it all comes to an end.
I won’t know where I stand.

ramblings of the abandoned
1.0k · Dec 2012
Sonnet #1
phocks Dec 2012

Imagine we but two ships lost at sea,
Adrift betwixt the turbulence of time;
Cast out upon such waves set crashing free
To be the pioneers of our prime.
What wind hath set its weight upon our sails?
What rain hits hard to drown that starboard side?
The wreck of broken hearts and falling hail
Sits shrouded by thick fog of turning tides.
Forsworn to sail through tempests near and far,
And map uncharted waters on the breeze;
We press forever on towards the star
That shines its light across the open seas.
Though waves will roll and bells will toll before the morning sun,
When two ships lost at sea decide to madly come undone.

990 · May 2013
phocks May 2013

Everything here is as it should be.
The sun hangs knowingly in the sky
And the true path of our existence and future
Here on this planet is illuminated in our hearts.
Times have changed and we
Have been brought out of the darkness
Together and into the light,
Guided by all the knowledge accumulated
Throughout collective histories of humanity.
Smiles are returning to the faces
Of all the people we see meandering
Down the street without a care in the world.
Inspiration grips our attention at every turn
And it seems that everything once seemingly
So plain and ordinary is now bursting
With a beauty and radiance never before beheld.
A new hope for the world fills our imagination
As we strive together towards
The warm and reassuring light.
The sun is rising in the distance
Over the horizon
Bringing in the new dawn.
Ecstasy and unbridled joy abound.
We are coming together in new and interesting ways.
We are in constant communion.
Our technological achievements
Have set us free.
We march onwards
Towards an everlasting and eternal existence
Together without a backwards glance
At a forgotten past.
A thin mist rises
From the mountains filling our souls
With delight at the coming enlightenment
Whereby we will all be saved.
We await our destiny.
Nothing can possibly go wrong.
The time has come to strive
Together into this new awakening.
It is inevitable.
Our time has come at last.
We have transcended.
We have transcended ourselves.
We have transcended our world.
We have transcended each other.
Hold on.

phocks Feb 2012

don't mention the pain
what service would that gain?
a simple cheesecake to share
to see if this goes anywhere
over the mountain, over the hill
back to the animals on the window sill
which leads me to here
in which she's sitting there
and she's fully aware, without a care
and this table top seems so vastly beyond compare
to any I've seen before through mind's open door
be it fiction or folklore
that delivers these visions of her form
and facial contour, direct to my head
now beside her in bed, where days I have rested
a change in the weather, in flocks and in feathers
high tide in the seminal waters of the heart
subsiding with tall tales of false starts
but the rise rolls on again as it has
through thick & through thin, a quivering theremin
and so we begin, the song, the story, the count in
to counterfeit original sin
(you know what happened last time)

phocks Feb 2012

we will greet the mourning sun.
together we will shine.
we'll send the light to everyone.

evolution in the heart, evolution in the soul,
evolution in the part, evolution in the whole.

we come in the name of all that is insane,
we come from a time when our ancestors are strung out on the line,
our crime is such that the answers don't seem to mean that much.

you sit there so patiently in your room,
and you dream that the end is coming soon.
you listen to the modern prophets, shouting in the street,
fed with the instruments that you play with your feet.
you go a-wandering, through the crowd, but they don't hear you speak.
with your mouth wide open, you make no sound.

staring into sounds, the cacophony of june.
twenty-one hundred miles away,
the crystal bell begins to sound and the people recall the tune.
they heard it long ago, a faded rainbow on their minds.
and so we stumble in the dark, with bright signs all around,
calling our numbers through the crowd.
it's all connected.
trees with hollow souls, we climb them in the night,
never wanting it to end.
the diamond light begins to shine and echoes over the town.
they take it in their stride, the rapid paintings that fill their minds,
and slowly we command the time, to fall away in fine lines,
tempered to boiling point inside.
it's all connected.

all the children played, laughing in the rain.
long ago they looked just like you and me.
no longer do they need their meagre shells of existence,
to leap from tree to tree, clinging to their lives high above.

i've seen the sunshine.
i've seen the rain.
i hear that whistle a-blowin'.
it's driving me insane, again.
i've seen her pack her things and leave on the train.
i've seen a thousand painters, with the sun in their eyes.
i've seen the children walking, with no place to crawl.
i've seen the pictures playing, to only empty seats.
i've seen the people marching, up and down those ancient streets.
i've heard the newborn baby crying, all alone in the dark.
i've played to a crowded room, with no one in sight.
i've seen the sunrise, hang around for days.
i've seen the playground, from when i was a child.
i've heard your silence.
i've sung a song to you.
i've heard the old man laughing, outside in the rain.
i've heard the gunshots blasting, down my own front door.
i've seen a hundred archers, with no targets in sight.
i've seen a girl in the pale afternoon, just looking for fun.
i've seen the man a-wandering, throughout the city streets.
i've seen the pickets heading down to the blood-soaked beach.
i've seen the flowers bending, in the gusty wind.
i've watched as people flushed their freedoms down the drain.

the smouldering ruin that was your last regret,
is saying hello to all the people you met down town.
while you were there, pretty people everywhere,
with coloured ribbons in their hair,
coming back to haunt you in your dreams, so it seems.
the silent chattering of your alphabet,
is burning down with your cigarette.
billowing smoke around the room on some foggy afternoon,
and in time you'll be there soon,
floating around inside a red balloon,
away, to another day.

o doom and delight they fight battles in the mind.

configurations of existence, for your pattern to arise,
a victim of circumstance.
time to go out through the window.
you know you've never been through,
though you know just where it goes.
mine for gold, out where the cool wind blows,
your mind is an overflow, a garden waiting to grow.
and the songs you sing are written in your dreams.
and the dreams you dream are never what they seem.
when you figure it out, without a doubt,
you'll never say what you mean,
and never mean what you say.

i know you know what i know.
i see you know what i see.
i hear you know what i hear.
i am you know that i am.

now we can see the roads you're walking down.
and we can see the histories being spun around.
it will come to show you'll need a little self-control,
when you're living your life and dancing to our rock n roll.

these words were written long ago
933 · Sep 2013
Salute to the Downtrodden
phocks Sep 2013

Fraught with ginger headlights blowing
Down the wind that keeps you knowing
About the lost temptation longed for
From the highland town on the foreshore,
We see a dark presence engulf
What was once a mere meeting post
Of ornaments and statues speaking out
To all that hear them scream and shout.

Tiring from the overtime unpaid
The pretty ladies fade away
Dreading the fifth movement of the piece,
Though waiting as though ill at ease
Along the back decks of the seventh sage
Never longing or showing their grace
The forever lost again find a place.

phocks Sep 2013


Take me down,
Take me out,
For all the world to see,
Eyes closed elation as they stare.

The deep coloured clothing hangs
From her fortified frame,
Highly evolved to shoot you down,
Through the heart, through the mind,
On my mind she stands, heels dig in.

Come evolve with me underground.
Bring it all back home and then
Throw it up once more.

921 · May 2012
Where She Used To Be
phocks May 2012

Rain here falls too and with it
The sentimental smell that solitude brings
Sings in remembrance of times long past
That vast flood of memory mourning
The precipitation and the dissipation
Of a love cut short too soon

830 · Oct 2013
The Departure Department
phocks Oct 2013

Don’t go, oh baby don’t go.
I’ve been around the block
Looking high and low,
For the answer we keep,
For the workers are weak,
And it’s time to turn the tables.

So listen to the fables,
And the tales the preachers tell.
They mispronounce disaster,
Though their lives are a living hell.
And the rainbow comes
To save me,
When the daisy cutters die,
And the shadow boxing household
Gives us a better chance to cry.

For the angels find the future,
And they hear the shadows fall.
The ragged rangers read their books,
But they never hear the call.
The mission bell it screams and yells
To the missionaries on the floor.
They just shot up
And are taking to the cup,
But their heads are now out the door.

To be discovered never more.
I don’t mind.
There is no time.
But for me, I’m out of line,
When I say to you
That you never know who
Will come out from the shadows
And into the light,
And the one that you love
Is directly in sight.

Take your time my dear friend.
Open your gates
To the mythical plates,
And the place that you know,
Where you go to be alone.

All of your friends
Want to see you again.
They want you
To bum all their smokes
And hold all their hands;
To drink all their scotch,
And snort all their lines,
To smoke all their weed,
And to drink all their wine.


825 · Sep 2013
Long Forgotten
phocks Sep 2013

It was in that moment
The treasured instant infinite
That marked the long divide
Of time that goes by
And trails off towards
The dying night
Of a million lost lights
That slowly wither
In to their place
Their rightful place
Amongst the fallen
And long forgotten

812 · Jun 2012
Prophecy #1
phocks Jun 2012

The battle within writhes without while
Two twinkling eyes shut night against night
And the fortnight’s closure remains on your mind
For the want of something to make you blind
Three well wishes were hurriedly sent
To the one you hoped would thoroughly miss
Your presence in time, in thought, in breath
And the carnival acts that you trace and test
No longer leaving enough courage to sit
Upon the high seat of Angels or comets or dust
That we then must align the thoughts of the few
Who graze in the pastures of the multitude
Who grow deep within themselves many a thought
That will pass through the ages of time
Never ceasing and never making decline
But always the uprising of the sovereign mind
And then the days numbered will be one hundred and twelve
And the people will know within their hearts
Of the signs on the doors, and writings on the walls
Of the death and destruction and of red waterfalls
Of the eternal decline and the eternal rise
Of the ever-present dichotomy in the Joker’s mind
So take heed my friends for the words aren’t so clear
As we all fast draw near to the end
And the beginning, and all in between
Lost is the way, but found is once more
The fashion amongst the gods
So let it be said, and let it be read
The future bears down
We must accept

798 · Feb 2012
The Unfolding (part 1)
phocks Feb 2012

For many long years we sat, in the shade
Under the branches
Of a vast and ancient fig tree
That stood
On the edge of a sea-facing cliff,
With a stiff wind which swept the side
Of the cliff faces and caught the leaves
Like a million small sails
In a north-westerly breeze.
And in the shade where we
Waited with baited breath for the
Three wandering ships they say were
Lost at sea long ago
To appear with destined symmetry,
Mastheads rising from a fine line horizon,
Sending signals to shore
Of their shared destiny.
And we, with unfolding hearts had seen
Their intended course and vector
Towards the ancient fig tree

776 · Sep 2014
long long
phocks Sep 2014

I think that now is the time to wake up.

And then only in the full lucidity of my own awakening,

Will I find you there beside me,

And you were with me all along.

for one who was with me
and now is
764 · Mar 2014
phocks Mar 2014

With the lost boy syndrome that he once did know,
Chained to Ockham's Razor and a broken window,
The eternal optimist averts his gaze
From shadows projected upon Plato's cave,
To the world outside beyond shattered glass
Where taking flight or falling fast
Is boon or bust
And fairy dust.

phocks Sep 2013

the raindrops fall
tears from a knowledge
you weren’t ready for
coming to rest
in death
upon soft soil

inspired by soakyourfeathers (tumblr)
phocks Sep 2013

It captures you
Your attention to the end
With winding passages
And merry go rounds
That peak and blow
Down the trees that point
You all in the wrong direction
Don’t go

Send me my heat
Back in the mail
Don’t tread too lightly
For I might miss the trail
Of arrows that fly
So stringent through
The air that is falling
The sails on the tide
Come through

Suffer my want
Is the only want
I want to bestow
Upon your heart

Greed and hunger go hand in hand
That is why the pirate
And the captain are in love
With the princess that lives
Down Oxford town way
Who is she now
To stay herself for so long
It doesn’t seem right
To be with my baby tonight
While you are out
On the street
And hit the deck
You are crying
And the world throws it’s swan
Song to the rescue

Hit the child of Medusa’s breast
Who snakes his way into your heart
No one knows for sure which way the
Pressure lies, and so the dangers
Of the beach never seem to really
Play upon the stench of the family

694 · Oct 2013
phocks Oct 2013

What the fuck
Is wrong with me?
I can't even
Keep the love
Of my life
In my fucking

*written quite a while ago*
685 · Mar 2012
Electric Whale Lines
phocks Mar 2012

The flow and ebb wind circles in the mind
Biding time, and filling the spaces that rewind
Through glistening trees on the shores of hippocampus
Until they can no longer pass on
Their tales in the sun
Their sheltered little words
That echo on throughout the world
To see that all is here
To be here some day again
The world will carry on
Until all hope is gone
It’s tangled in the beaches
It’s tangled in the tents
It’s tangled up in the fault lines
In it’s own magnificence
Electric whale lines leaping
From the oceans to the seas
I feel my heart beat weakening
I feel it calling to the breeze

phocks Sep 2013

All the pretty people in their wind up cars,
Go wandering past with their handlebars.
Don’t you go on down to the merry go round,
For it is high time that you heard the sound.

All the birds are flying up into the clouds,
While you sit alone and watch the rain coming down,
Time’s a wasting if you really want to get things done,
And you really want to come and have some fun.

Look around to the people who fall on the floor,
Wont you tell them they don’t have to worry no more.
Seems the more I tell them, the less they know,
And we’ll all wake up together if we all decide to go.

Come on lay your weary head upon my shoulder
Won’t you stay with me in the cold of the night.
If you just be here now you won’t get any older,
But you’ll stay young forever ’till the morning light

Inside your mind you know that you can fly,
High above the others up on the wire.
You believe you’re going up to a higher plane,
But no one seems to really know your name.

Ten thousand days and nights you’ve cried alone,
Sitting in the boardroom on the phone,
Jetting off to see your friends in Rome,
When you don’t even know your friends at home.

Tip toe up the stairs into your room.
You know that she’s coming home all too soon.
You’ll never ever let her get away,
Even if it takes you all your days.

Align with all the colours of your dreams,
It’s easy when there’s nothing as it seems.
Together we will fly into the night,
Oh little blackbird let me see you take flight.

Total glory is never around the corner.
It’s always lying just where I would warn her,
And she climbs the stairs so naked and so free,
Until she’s upstairs so permanently.

Light up another match if you still can,
They are signifiers of exactly who I am.
Remark to me that I never knew your fate,
When I watch you walking through that gate.

The test of time is all that I know best,
When my head is lying in your breast,
Enticing me with your lovely sounds,
That echo even when there’s no one around.

Fortune is the way that many fools take,
And never a single cent do they often make,
But me I know there is a different way,
Than to be a slave to just another day.

Topless thieves will rob you willingly,
And you will give them exactly what they need.
Put away your saving for a rainy day,
You’ll never use it as you wish to anyway.

Come gather up all your things and throw them on,
The fire is burning well into the dawn.
Two thousand books have met their fate,
Their text in time will never be erased.

662 · Feb 2012
8 & 9
phocks Feb 2012

The revelations of numbers
Spawn inclusions in the mind
And matters of the heart
Start tapping in time
To the beat of the soul
The rhythm of the whole
The streets of the mystic
Where the wild waves roll
We look to our past
And what the future remains
To be written again
At the top of the page.

(I miss John, and I miss you.)
659 · Apr 2013
The Smoking Monkey
phocks Apr 2013

Atop the block,
There sits,
And sits,
And waits,
And hopes,
And dreams,
A lone and lonesome, longing figure,
Out in the cold of midwinter.
A smoking monkey it seems is there,
Ever atop the block each night.
And why is it that this monkey be there?
To taunt me with every striking stare,
With every haunting glare,
The smoke from that monkey's pipe bellowing out
Into the cold winter air.

phocks Feb 2012

These four walls
Familiar yet new
Close in
Expand out

Industry calls
Preys upon dreams
Sets its goals
Upon those who crave
The glory days
Built up from birth

They permeate all forms
Of things that touch
The human heart
The human mind
The human soul

They serve themselves
Before all
They serve themselves

There they stand
Like new again
In the mind
Think tank back

Spots on the map
Where we've been
What we've seen
Who we are
Refects upon today
Looks the other way

Ghosts of the past
They haunt the ground
And alter the course
Of travelling sound

Those that rise above
Seem somehow to know
That they are the ones
Needed in the plows
That grow the fields
Of wicked wheat

And then there are
Those that are unknown
Here as nothing
There as something

Also an expance of futures
Calling and drawing
In all directions
And for all reasons
They can't get enough
And you push some aside
Only to have them
More overtly contrive
A decent explanation
For what they provide

Soon they say
We will be
And it is believed
But the truth is alive
In what we perceive
The outcome of which
Is nothing without
The garden
We grow


637 · Feb 2012
A Million Miles From Home
phocks Feb 2012

Sunday’s shadow leaves Monday looking back in vain
At what possibilities that she mistook for fame,
And left her sneezing at the chosen one’s pain,
Handed down to him by those he can’t contain.

Fall freely blossom bird.
Your thunder yet is sounding
Upon the rolling hills
That divide the meadow.

The gardens live on
And grow though they stand
A million miles from home,
Or what we once did call.

Spin child, spin, upon higher grounds.
They cling to one another, with such atomic force
And their hydrogen hands, held in hand
For the world to see, though not set free.

Summer’s clown cries softly beneath his smile.
Not one sees his deep longing,
His tiresome glow,
Below his painted skin.

603 · Feb 2013
phocks Feb 2013

Battle thrones are waged and lost
The tables turn and then get tossed
Aside for five hundred years or more
A settlement of ancient score
That leads him on the road to ruin
Destiny that ends too soon
A failing grace of innocence
A flesh that falls of insistence
In time we dine on silver plates
And carve into the light that waits
Upon the hill of lovers gates
And time will tell what faith it shakes
That gets into your head at last
A fake revenge that goes around
And comes around to make no sound
That government that holds its grip
And power that never seems to slip
In truth it sits on hollow ground
All set to fall without a sound
Into the hole that the people dig
To keep them all from getting sick
That fills in tight with everything
You keep in mind and then you sing
Of grace that kills the song of kings
In time it might come here to die
The love that lives comes here to cry
The tears that get you oh so high

597 · Oct 2013
The Whale Watchers
phocks Oct 2013

Time's up for the watchers of the big black box,
Who sit and trip away their days,
Who wine and dine till they're feeling fine,
Who pine and whine before they take what's mine.

Theirs is the land of greed and power,
For what in the world can topple the tower,
When the dreams of men do not shake the foundation,
How will we possibly be able to move this mountain?

All who delve into the works of society,
Are bound by the love of liberty,
And try to live life as though we one day could,
Be bound together through eternal brotherhood.

Send down all the clowns that are playing for you,
The tears in the midnight that you never knew.
Alone he cries with a smile on his face,
Always wanting to make his great escape.

591 · Feb 2012
The Travellers
phocks Feb 2012

It's almost time to go.
And so here's to those,
Travelling up and down the open eastern shore,
Where dreams and reality play once more,
Where we gaze upon the travellers and the travelled,
Who never found what they were looking for.
Follow me.

phocks Feb 2012

I'll see you,
When the rain comes pouring down.
I'll see you,
When the earth starts turning 'round.
Caught up in that hurricane,
All alone on the whirlwind train.
From now on,
We will never be the same.

Fragility combined,
Makes storm clouds in the mind.
Temporary lives,
Go flying on the breeze.
Coincidence is never, ever
What it seems.
No direction home,
To what once came before.

Like butterflies in the wind...

571 · Aug 2013
Eternity Don't Last Forever
phocks Aug 2013

Into the darkness we become.
All of your friends will have you undone.
Fuck all the futures that don’t have you believe.
You’ll never know boredom if you never leave.
Dying down in some dark back alleyway.
The humble prostitute waits for her delay.
Made to wait of the doctors orders.
Taken with humility to their daughters,
They pay for what they want but they can never have,
The love that they got they thought was oh so sad,
Becomes the only thing that they can afford.
Their lives never living what they once adored.
Through the herd you walk all by yourself,
See the high stride you give to someone else
Total visitation rights for my wounded heart
Brings together irony and then pulls it apart.
No one really knows where fortune’s future will grow,
But I guess that they all know that I don’t want you to go.
There is the taste of your bitterness in my mouth.
I guess you never really had a single doubt.

564 · Feb 2012
phocks Feb 2012

The story of a girl
She dives deep
Diamond eyes searching for treasures
Far below and well out of reach
Of any mortal hands
But for hers outstretched
A beckoning begins
A beacon from the shore
A shining light

550 · Jun 2012
The Singularity
phocks Jun 2012

And as we pass the point of no return,
This critical mass of accelerated change,
We see the event horizon of technological singularity,
Pure black clouds amassing infinite unknown futures
And we will we be plunged into an age of darkness,
But through that darkness we will see a singular light,
And a new kind of awareness will emerge and evolve
In light of the one, of all that is, was, and will be,
For I am the singularity, and the singularity is me…

phocks Feb 2012

And so with the chameleon's sudden last departure,
Upon a bed of nails he does now rest.
Colours true they all bleed through
His vivid lifelessness.

The battle crying multiplying pilgrims in the sun
Gather 'round the kingdom come,
Work out when the day is done;
Find the time to turn and run.

phocks Feb 2013

Out in the kitchen
The band plays hail to the thief
Dylan is fixing
Another shoot out for Keef

Hands in his pocket
He only crosses the left
Eyes to the right
Says you gotta give it your best

(and then it hits ya)

I know your hurting
But you know that pain is my friend
I’m up to my knees
But you got me down on the mend

The joker’s watching
The kings are all under his command
It’s time for the tables
To turn through the barren land

Madonna she’s restless
She needs a roll in the hay
Your children have left you
Go throw the manger away

514 · Nov 2013
Sonnet #2
phocks Nov 2013

Take flight! Bright Iris, cirrus sunken cloud;
Paint heralds through azure unblemished skies,
So all may witness your wild repose avowed,
Reflected and collected for reprise.
I rise, soft solemn dreams with you so high,
And oft decry that chasmic space between,
Where spread across angelic wings we lie/die
Our temporary deaths down deep ravine.
Now over the rainbow Destiny she stirs;
Her prismic glances scatter spectral Sun,
And Moon with endless eternal eclipse,
Awaits the Synchronist to come.
  Awake! Dear dreamer you alone I see;
  A ghost, a dream, the rise of Mercury.

486 · Feb 2012
Sonnet from Lennon Miller
phocks Feb 2012

As time sweeps on into the endless night
And dreams become our true identity
The sights we see are figured in the light
Of mute discourse and blind reality
So while we look to them through tainted lens
Consuming with delight what they provide
We find this is the way our journey ends
And take the memories we've found inside
But soon will come a time when all is lost
And rearranged in light of new Divine
To set ourselves for once at any cost
A journey to the stars that will not shine
  And what we once mistook as saving grace
  Will rise and fall through endless time's embrace

486 · Feb 2012
The Unfolding (part 2)
phocks Feb 2012

Towards the ancient fig tree
That stood on the precipice
Of an unending sea,
With the sun rising high above
The three sailing ships
There cast three shadows,
Though their colours were ever changing
And shimmering within the rolling waves.
And we saw, as they approached
Their shapes transform,
As though imitating some strange symmetry
Within our own heads,
The ocean of our minds.
We were still;
The waves rolled on;
And the ships came in to the shore
Where we sat.

484 · Feb 2012
The Unfolding (part 3)
phocks Feb 2012

And meeting not far from shore
The ships collided, but did not sink
And instead they merged into one
And melted into each other
With a rainbow glow that shone
Like a thousand suns in the dead of night
And expanded in volume a hundred times or more
Until exploding into countless billions of winged creatures
Like butterflies flapping and fluttering and flying up high
And into the sky they rose as one
Gigantic cloud that split into three streams
And one stream flowed from the sky into you
And one stream flowed from the sky into me
And the final stream flowed directly into
The ancient fig tree
And in silence sitting we absorbed them all
Into our hearts they flew and they lifted us
High above the ground and high above the tree
And we flew for many miles and for many years
And at last we took our places
At opposite ends of the globe
Our unity unfolded, though destined to return

phocks Sep 2013

When the terrors of the night come wandering by
I know for sure that we all someday must die,
For the walls are painted with a million shades of grey
Telling a story of when the wind ran away.

Into the ocean, into the sea,
We alone will believe what no one else will see.
Try as you might, you will never walk down
All those paths in your lifetime you might not have found.

Actors and agents they claw at my door,
But letting one in means they all must want more.
Today is the day that they all throw you back
What news do you bring from the old weathered shack?

463 · Oct 2013
Solitude Amongst the Masses
phocks Oct 2013

Lonesome night I hear you suffer
In the midst of all this
Of all this misery & decay
All this misery & decay disguised
Disguised as profit & growth
A glorious profit & growth that
Somehow sweeps the nation
And takes on all that it passes
And passes itself off as something
Something admirable and good, while
Other such similar things are thought
To be held in contempt
This is how it holds its power
This is how it remains on the mind
Its crafty work
In remaining here
Will not go unobserved
We are watching and will report
You think you’ve gotten away with it
But we’ve got news for you

455 · Mar 2013
I Want To Believe
phocks Mar 2013

Light from the heaven heights shines
And lends its rays upon your brow
Which light up your eyes and fires
Photons through the mind at a higher
Vibration that you can't see
But you can sense there's something there
Just behind the open air
To which no one is aware but you
And you feel it in your heart
Like a dagger from Joan of Arc
Safely saying for you to listen
To the voice that is telling you
To believe

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