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Jul 2015
Damnation to this drink
Shattered glass on the wall
Dulled senses no longer think
But I still hear her voice call

It echoes deep inside my head
And reality hits much too strong
When I know she is long dead
I want her, is that so wrong?

Damaged thoughts are to blame
Someone new in darkest lust
Using this woman in a game
Where I strip her of her trust

Do I use her all because of you?
Because she is your exact double
Oh this woe, what should I do?
Is this worth all this ****** trouble?

She sees beyond my deep scars
As you, beloved, once did
Still this bitterness still mars
All this madness I once hid

Can I escape my coming destiny?
Can the visions reflected be true?
To no longer feel pain and misery
How can this be if I am without you?
Copyright 2015
Phantom Byron Lorde
Written by
Phantom Byron Lorde
       ---, Halted, ---, poetessa diabolica, --- and 14 others
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