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Perveiz Ali Apr 2016

The days were ever beautiful,
Golden rays and singing waves,
Soothing were such greetings.
Enthusiasm fed by nature's gifts,
Birds dancing amid bright colors,
Spirits raised into heights aloft.
Cheerfulness embedded in goodwill gestures,
Happy steps among aromatic breezes,
Many smiling and giving greetings.
Encouraging words given freely,
Unselfish acts abounded the streets,
Calm nights bathed in twinkling stars.

Now :
Cursing mornings and frightful rays,
Rising to yet another day of misery,
Slothful and devious conspiracies weaved.
Curtains drawn... scared to open,
What new horrors to behold delayed,
The nights wrongs, no rush to behold.
Morning meal's meager if any at all,
Now out into this cruel reality to forage,
Bracing for what fate will now reveal.
The birds sing of sorrowful tales,
Their melodies seem sad and bleary,
Merchants washing that blood?
Checking faces to see if any is missing,
Heads shaking hearts pumping in fear,
What next will be the news? Paradise hijacked.

© Perveiz Ali
Perveiz Ali Apr 2016
Fractured Love

The calm nights of twinkling stars,
Brought us out to view their beauty.
We would sit watching in a warm embrace,
Professing our love for each other,
Good times together we did have my love.
Our dedication was to each other so strong.
The long walks together in spring,
Among the lovely blossoms of color.
Life was grand with our love intact,
Eyes glistened with love so sweetly passionate.

Then we drifted far apart, tied to separate lives,
We tried to keep the embers lit and burning.
But alas it was not to be as the flames died,
The stars seem so far away and dim now.
Our eyes now glistening from wet tears,
Our destiny together now fractured.
Two trains on separate tracks passing by,
Our journey now separate and isolated.
Could we have salvaged the feelings?
Can we still be friends as the love is in flight?
© Perveiz Ali
Perveiz Ali Apr 2016

Where does one start or end in an oval?
You travel long and hard to only reach nowhere.
Any direction brings us back to starting point,
Trekking and swaying to different ends.
East to West or North to South it's all the same.
Should I say I am ill to cease this wandering,
Tracking after love has me frustrated.
All efforts seem in relative vain to make,
She has me in a quandary as to my next step.

© Perveiz Ali
Perveiz Ali Apr 2016
Lift Me Up

Oh half white merciful sky of ours!
Take a whirl to create a wind,
To hoist me over the "hind,"
To a place I love and call "Joveria".
Where I would be as cheerful as I can,
Where the scenes are akin to a painter's canvas.
Lovely landscapes that bring bright smiles,
Capable to erase all my sad miseries.
And the lovely echoes of soothing whispers,
That balm and soothe my ears.
To roam over the land of happiness,
Free of fear, now carefree and loving it.

(*Hind is another name for India
Joveria.. Is the name of romantic heaven... Coined by me )
© Perveiz Ali
Perveiz Ali Apr 2016

Oh wind! Can you give my lady and I a ride.
Lift us aloft to soar thru the blue skies,
Surrounded by the waves of romantic clouds.
A journey to ease the pain of wasted years,
Can a chariot be ours to ride in?
Where hand in hand we can soar and sing,
Gliding in the air with joy and love blooming.
Would that this were possible for us,
A way to be alone to rekindle fading love.

© Perveiz Ali
Perveiz Ali Apr 2016
Et tu Brute

You came in, with a smile to die for,
A smile that melted hearts and united.
Together we seemed to be on a mission,
To attain a level of individual perfection.
Our boat started to row in smooth tandem,
An undulating ride on a sea of happiness.
The breezes seemed to sing in chorus,
The birds sang with the joy of spring.
On cloud nine I was dancing a jig,
Happiness enveloped me all around.

Then came the trials and stormy gales,
Tensions growing as walls were erected.
Faults stood out glaringly, a sore sight.
No compromise reached as gut reactions thrived,
Gold and granite were not differentiated.
Grouses kept hidden till roots rotted,
Then severance with heated sharp blade.
Shocked am I at the vitriol spewed,
Et Tu Brute? Then die Caesar no point in living!

© Perveiz Ali
Perveiz Ali Mar 2016
How many massacres must we endure?
How does killing others, changes procure?
How many suicide bombers are being born?
Do their consciences ever leave them torn?
How many terrorist sympathizers we call friend?
Hardliners preaching terror is the new trend?
When next must innocent blood be spilled?
Inhumanity to man by man whose heart is hate filled?
When does the nightmares finally end?
Is peace and harmony around the next bend?
© Perveiz Ali
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