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Apr 2016

The days were ever beautiful,
Golden rays and singing waves,
Soothing were such greetings.
Enthusiasm fed by nature's gifts,
Birds dancing amid bright colors,
Spirits raised into heights aloft.
Cheerfulness embedded in goodwill gestures,
Happy steps among aromatic breezes,
Many smiling and giving greetings.
Encouraging words given freely,
Unselfish acts abounded the streets,
Calm nights bathed in twinkling stars.

Now :
Cursing mornings and frightful rays,
Rising to yet another day of misery,
Slothful and devious conspiracies weaved.
Curtains drawn... scared to open,
What new horrors to behold delayed,
The nights wrongs, no rush to behold.
Morning meal's meager if any at all,
Now out into this cruel reality to forage,
Bracing for what fate will now reveal.
The birds sing of sorrowful tales,
Their melodies seem sad and bleary,
Merchants washing that blood?
Checking faces to see if any is missing,
Heads shaking hearts pumping in fear,
What next will be the news? Paradise hijacked.

© Perveiz Ali
Perveiz Ali
Written by
Perveiz Ali  Kashmir, India
(Kashmir, India)   
   Gaye, ---, Rose and strawberry fields
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