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Perveiz Ali Mar 2016
A poet's disposition is happy,
No time for those moods so ******.
Sighting the good each tedious day,
Even as others for peace earnestly pray.

Joining hands with torch bearers,
Guidance of the steps of pallbearers.
Watering thoughts of verse weavers,
They are messengers of burden relievers.

Abhor bloodshed but love the ink,
To foster the ground with  green and pink,
Full of wisdom and  free from  double think,
To promote the love,  peace and soulful drink

"Live and let live" a poetic theme,
In and around each color scheme,
To eradicate the disparities in eye beam,
Conquer all strife with Love's cream.
©Perveiz Ali
Perveiz Ali Mar 2016
It is all now done in vain,
To pretend in a state of pain.
To look through tears like rain,
It still remains just a game.
We struggle to remain sane,
Even as the horrors are plain.
Who shall we seek to blame?
As we wallow in this shame.
Sweet nectar now bitter strain,
As the sacrifices are in vain.
Our honor now deeply stained,
Our wounds now so inflamed.
To the heavens our necks craned,
We pray the hardships to be waned.
© Perveiz Ali
Perveiz Ali Mar 2016
How can I say
yes, I agree to you.
When it is not you
but the forced being
induced in you?
Calling love a rose but
a fragrance free rose.
How can I imagine
Emotions that are
beaten in and out,
without a soul?
Do you mean that
Fishes fly?
And birds swim?
Of which wonder you
Unable to grasp the
Lessons you teach.
To the one who
believes in love
The love of art,
the love of life,
Emotions so strong.
And so you preach,
there is no thing
called love?
What then is the
emotions called?
Perveiz Ali Mar 2016
How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways
of soul soothing play,
unique in it's own way.

To join our hands
and walk over the Sands.
Dreams of lands,
adorned by scintillating star bands.

Together we breathe and
share the lovable air,
Full of aroma and sweet
scents of pine.

Let's start to clear the
clouds of fear,
Make love not sparingly,
in actions of passion.
Perveiz Ali Feb 2016
On a journey of delightful imagination,
The facets of which had no explanation.
A loving nature that was beyond measure,
Became for me this sweet tender treasure.
My beloved gave me love like the Pacific,
My heart is filled with her waves so terrific.
Her vast desires has me overwhelmed,
From where this great passion stemmed?
© Perveiz Ali
Perveiz Ali Feb 2016
Innocence Denied

Oh dear! Let me open my heart,
To let you read what I am.
What my thoughts are composed of,
The turmoil that's on my soul.
Share the angst of my existence,
Give light to the pain of my oppression.
Am I difficult? Or am I so deprived,
Let them say what they want.
But Alas! Chaos and confusion reigns,
Should we bow to devious tyranny?
To be held by them, against our will?
To write our destiny in blood?
They wish to ****** our free will,
Soaked in streaming blood.
Should we stand firm or cave in?
On the lines to be handed the scraps,
Objectors dragged and humiliated.
Charged for crimes we didn't commit,
Ye innocent and chastised souls.
We seek only liberty and real freedom,
To enjoy the fruits of happiness in shade.
No longer prisoners of political ambiguity,
Our will finally to be imposed is out wish.
© Perveiz Ali
Perveiz Ali Feb 2016
Death Reigns

Where to register you?
My dearest brother and sister!
Among the rebels or adherents?
Has this paradise so devolved?
Discharge of bullets now common,
Pactised length and breath freely.
Terrorists claiming to fight terrorists?
The license handed to oppressors.
Teens out to spectate the show,
Never to walk home evermore.
Souls lost and bodies bloodied,
Who bears the guilt of wanton slaughter?
Lust for violence in their hearts,
So easily to fire into a crowd?
No difference between agitators and innocents?
A people whose lives mean so little?
How do you justify the loss of humanity?
Blood shed and death reigns victorious,
Young lives lost... A future gone dark.

© Perveiz Ali
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