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themed time spent exploring
new pathways forged
in the minds of poets
I want to be your playmate
Dancing on the bubbles of our joy.
I want to be your everything
Providing all you need and more.

        I want to be your hiding place
        When storms of life surround you.
        I want to be the face you see
        When you wake up forever.

                 I want to be a steady beam
                 To light the ways we travel.
                 I want to be part of your life
                 As long as God will let me
Written in 2006 and lost in the clutter.
Is anyone teaching  A I  to pray?
Is it learning the Ten Commandments?
While we’re making them into mechanical Gods,
Have we introduced the two to each other?


Will a robot prove God is a myth
And assume that throne for itself.
Will a Robot create a different world
And people it with only machines.
We live in interesting times, as the old Chinese proverb says.
From the depths of despair
Where God is unknown
And only danger surrounds me
I feebly fight against the call
That draws me ever on to destruction.
Only the call of a Whippoorwill can save me.
Thank God our neighborhood is full of them.
Somewhere in your life, you will hear this.
Yes, they all look the same to me.
But pay attention to why you say?
You might find a fist to make you readjust your thinking process.

When you say?
They all look the same to me.
Culture, upbringing and faith of their religious is different.
Base not everything upon looks and of course not color.

Whenever you say?
They all look the same to me.

Because it just not true.
a muffled song came through the walls
the walls of my shame
clearer now its sweet refrain,
'don't you know you are forgiven'
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