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ochuko blaze Aug 2016
So many questions I want to ask you, cause am still wondering what kind of being are you?.
They say you cover multiple of sins
Some say you are harmless,others say you make the world go round,many say you can be sustain with trust and understanding
But i will ask, are you all that they say you are? Are you that being that inhabit two souls. Because you come into two individuals making them to form what is called "RELATIONSHIP" despite their weakness, character and mindset
Living with someone that is totally different from me is one of the crazy things you made me do in the name of your arrival
Sometimes you are so sweet order times you are so mean while most times you are so beautiful
Why are you like that
You have never been stable
You have never been peaceful
Sometimes you made me feel like getting away from you,going far away from you wishing that you don't exist when I know that you do lives.
ochuko blaze Mar 2016
If you think you are beaten,you are
If you think you dare not,you don't
If you like to win but you think you can't,it is certain you won't
If you think you will lose,you're lost
For I need more practise doesn't mean God has abandoned you,it just mean that he has a better plan for you
If you think you are gone,you are dead
If have to think high to rise
You have to be sure of yourself
For life battle don't always go to the stronger man or woman
Think like a winner because
Life is never one sweet song
In life the ones who win are those who think and believe they can.
ochuko blaze May 2015
I know I can be there with you.
Even when in pains,sorrow and joy
Let me hold your hand to tell you it's ok when you cry.
When you are portrayed as an enigma to the world,let me be your elixir to give you a new meaning.
When you have come down the mountains with more hill to go, I would be there to go up all the way. With you.
I will welcome you with open arms,when your trouble and failure is only what's seen in you.
Let me be your wizard and you my witch.
Let me be the captain of your ship even when the ship is drowning.
When all door are shut against you,
I will open mine to welcome you
If I can be your friend.
ochuko blaze Jul 2015
I fell on the ground with a broken heart,soul,mind,world and life,
With a thought that I will never rise again.
Then I realize that a failure is not one who fail,but one who  fails and never find the courage to rise again.
So I went up and started working hard for my future to be great.
Then I realize that the down fall of a man is never the end of his life.
We may fall many times in life but the ability to rise again is what make us successful in life.
So I realize that I should never let my down fall  destroy me because I know that life is a journey full of blockage.
ochuko blaze May 2015
Life is a journey made up of two friends called good and bad.
Life without sweetness and sadness is no life at all,for it is full of changes.
Joy without sorrow is no joy at all because there must be sorrow in other to fully appreciate the joy.
Love without breakheart is no love at all because sometimes we have to meet the wrong person[breakheart] so that when we meet the right one[love] we will know how to appreciate that gift.
We cannot seperate good from bad but we can differentiate one from the other.
Good is like a white cloud, while bad is the silver lining on it.
ochuko blaze May 2015
What a powerful emotion
That has propel mortal toward becoming a dead tissue.
As a man who had already committed ****** before stepping out to commit the crime,making the body as restless as the sea that has no dwelling place.
You are has cold has death itself that you victim are like the living dead who had died and still lives at the same time.
You are like a soul destroyer that blast into the better part of one's happiness with a river of tears,casting shadow into the life of your victim.
Putting an end to the existence of a living soul inhabiting two individual. destroying the bedrock in which every relationship is built with a river of endless tears.
Oh my soul
For it is wrapped up with sadness moaning the lost of my happiness,that my soul has become an immortal of tears that never grow tired,hungry,thirsty and never stop crying.
Oh my world
The world I have built with pillars of happiness now destroy with sadness.
ochuko blaze May 2015
I looked,i saw and I was tempted with your beauty which made to kept running over the mountain,racing across the hill to meet you
I love you
ochuko blaze May 2015
If you were me
Will you do as I do?
Love as I love?
For life is in phrases
While men are in sizes
Cause I may like this
You will like that
You are who you are!
I am who I am
I cannot be you
You cannot be me
Be yourself and life will
Appreciate you for who you are
Stop to imitate others
Because you can never be like them and they can never be like you
You can make people think like you but you can never make them behave like you.
We are different from one another
ochuko blaze Jul 2017
if I was I
loving the way I wanted to
doing the things I wanted to
but I was been prevented
by things around me
things and people that comes around me
my emotional body was hurt
preventing me from been I
living with caution and precaution
not wanted what happen to repeat itself
forcing out the change in me
when I know that's not me
ochuko blaze Jun 2015
When my eyes is filled with the tears of a whole nation thou art my salvation.
When my heart is heavy with the problem of a country thou art my comforter.
My lord God thou has been my strength and salvation,even in pains I look unto you,in sorrow I cry unto you because you are the master of the universe.
Thou has been my hidden place in you I fine hope and peace of mind for thou the king of kings and lord of lords
ochuko blaze May 2015
Oh life
Thou staircase were some are going up and some are coming down.
Thou place full with milk and honey,
Yet you are never one sweet song.
Thou pregnant woman giving birth to the unknown.
What really are you oh life:
Thou dark gigantic ball of horror
Thou deceptive creature that create and devour
Thou horrible path trodden by mortals who knows not what lies ahead of them.
Thou place of struggle and partial survival.
Thou futile journey for material wealth and high moral of vanity.
Thou bring nothing but the partial survival and inevitable end of mortals.
ochuko blaze Jul 2017
In the midst of pains
Weeping and asking when will it be over
Cause the whole world seem like it's crushing down on you
Then seeing the future that is so bright beyond the pains
Comforting yourself that you see the joy beyond the pains
Feeling the pains like my whole world is falling apart
But I can't stop smiling in pain cause I know and I see beyond the pains of today that joy will come tomorrow.
ochuko blaze May 2015
Love is crazy
Love is stupid
Love is mad
Love hurts,
Yet love is caring
Love is understanding
Love bring joy
Love is pain
And pain is love
Love is sweet
It has emotions
Love blind
Love can ****
Love can heal and
Love can destroy
Love is honest
Love is faithful
Love is truthful
Love is kind and
Love is wicked
Love keep us together and
Love can keep us apart
Love has feeling,
It has destiny
Love has spirit
Love is brave
It has courage
Love is like the wind that blows on the surface of the earth.
Love is beautiful
Love is sad, it is also happy
Love is theft that come into the heart of any man without invitation.
Love has no limit
It can see,
Yet it is blind
Love is protection
Love conquer all things
Because it is the greatest commandment.
ochuko blaze Mar 2016
My shrinking violet
In your eyes I fine the brightest of colours
The dove that bring forth blessings
Comforter of my soul
The river of joy and happiness
In your forest of smile am filled with joy
The wind that blow away my sorrow and dry up my tears
Composer of my life
My crown jewel
You have been with me when all has deserted me
My dream woman
I look forward to behold your beauty
ochuko blaze May 2015
What a wonderful creature
That have made my world to look like gold in the midst of diamonds
Just like an apple tree among the trees of the forest.
Your hair is beautiful upon your cheeks and falls down along your neck like jewels.
You are like a drove that hides in the crevice of a rock with a lovely face and enchanting voice.
Your eyes are as beautiful as a dove by a flowing brook, which made me to keep running over the mountains,racing across the hills to meet you.
You are as graceful as a palm tree, and your breast are cluster of date.
The curve of your thighs is like the work of an artist, that all women look at you and sing your praise,queens,kings and concubines sing your praise.
Your cheek is as lovely as a garden full of herbs and spices,that your body could hold a king captive.
Your breath is like the fragrance of apples and your mouth is like the finest wine.
Oh my girl
Your love is as powerful as death.
ochuko blaze May 2015
Never hurt the one that love you so much,the that keeps you in his/her heart,cause you never can tell what pains and trace of hurts you will leave on his/her heart.
Never push away the one who love's you so much cause you will be making a huge mistake.
Never give up on love,love is what fighting for.
Never say goodbye to a love that is asking you for comfort cause when you return to that love it can never be the same the way you left it.
Love is take a flame it needs fuel to keep burning up when there is none it dies off,it becomes inactive.
It is one thing to start a relationship,it is another thing to keep it.
ochuko blaze Jun 2015
My life was arrange in perfect order so clean that sparkles emit from every conor.
Untill she came in with her beautiful faces.
So pretty that her face gives the perfect image of love.
She was unique. I treasured her so much,but one day she no where to be found.
My life was empty with her absence that my world kept falling down.
Oh my heart were are you as I cried my heart was heavy,then I saw her she was full with impurities all over her,no longer the same.
What will I do as I ask myself trapped in the shadow of my own desire,asking myself can I pay the price of love.
love is a blessing but sometimes it is a curse.
people go into a relationship without knowing what love is?.
Love is more than kissing,romancing and hugging. it include price to pay something we must ask our self before embarking on a relationship journey.
ochuko blaze May 2015
A world of his own that produces two beautiful organism usually male and female.
A world founded in another world that can never be separated by distance,time and human.
A delicate world which is like a glass,one crack on one side will reflect to the other side.
A world that has destine,emotion,love,discouragement good time,bad time and above all care.
A world of two souls who knows not,what lies ahead of them but yet they still want to go on no matter the tribulation on their path.
A world were the total sum of existence is the magic of being needed by just one person.
A world that is being protected by the most powerful words in the world “love”
A world that measure the two partners to be equal despite their background.
A world of sacrifice to be made, that is very difficult to understand.
A world of love,patience,understanding and care.
A world of two mature souls.
ochuko blaze May 2015
In life when there is no sacrifice there is no success.
Everything we do in life comes with a price to pay.
In the redemption of sin our Lord payed the ultimate price.
When embarking on a trip of life, the risk of not taking a risk is a greater risk.
The journey of life is full of blockage,something we must understand before going on an adventure of the world cause life is a course with endless obstacle to handle so we have to prepare our mind in anything we are embarking on.
Sacrifice is like giving what you value most for what you desire.
ochuko blaze May 2018
The man behind the man who never sees anything under without reacting
The idol of a man's world
When I taught I had control over the issues you always put me down
In your high horse you always want to prove your supremacy
Oh my foolish idol
On your knees you will always be after few moments of the game you wanted
Ranting and vibrating is what you do before the game, but always loose before the game starts
You always make your temple uncomfortable when you are angry
That your temple go at lent just to please you
Yet you are never pleased or satisfied
Oh my sensitive idol
So sensitive that the touch of a woman brings out your wrath
You always want to win the game without playing the game
I call you an idol because your temple will remain restless until you are pleased
ochuko blaze Mar 2016
Four candles slowly burned
The ambiance was so soft,one could almost hear them talking........
The first candle said:
“I am peace"
"The world is full of anger and fighting.
Nobody can keep me"
Then the flame of peace went out completely
The second candle said:
"I am faith"
"I am no longer indispensable. It doesn't make sense that I stay another moment"
Just then a breeze softly blew faith's flame.
Sadly the third candle began to speak:
"I am love"
"People don't understand my importance so they simply put me aside. They even forget to love those who are nearest to them"
And waiting no longer love flame went out.
Suddenly........ a child entered the room and saw the three unlit candles.
"Why aren't you burning? You're supposed to stay lit till the end"
Saying this the child began to cry.
Then the fourth candle answered
"Don't be afraid, I am hope"
"While I am still burning we can re light the other candle"
With shining eyes the child took the candle of hope and lit the other candles.
The greatest of these is love...... but the flame of hope should never go out of your life!
With hope each of us can live with peace,faith, and love.
ochuko blaze May 2015
Walking and walking
I turn around and said
To myself. We're am I going "To"
Or coming "from "
Then I realised how far I have come
And how far I will still go.
What a journey I have embarked on
"The journey of life "
A journey where by I know not what lies ahead on my path.
A journey full of trouble,pains,ups and downs, good and bad all in the existence of the human race.
ochuko blaze May 2015
An oasis of thought were words,event are stored just like a computer memory
An ocean with different kinds of creature,so is the well of a woman full with different thought of life.
A place where the most dirtiest secrets are kept.
A place of love,sorrow,bitterness,pains e t c all resides in there.
Just like the engine of a machine so is the well of a woman, it control all most all the activities carried out in the life of her host
ochuko blaze May 2015
I avoided you
With a thought of seeing you again
Not knowing
It would be the last crackle of your laughter of beauty which makes me smile.
As you journey across the earth
I won't shed a tears or wall in agony
Cause I know you have embarked
On a journey to the world beyond.
Just like morning dew
You slowly drifted into oblivion when the sun was high.
Sorry I wasn't by your grave side
When you were being lowered to the mother earth
It's because I found out I was
Too chicken livered to see you being lay
Down to the grave
Never the less
You are still in my heart of hearts
And soul of souls
Rest in peace.
ochuko blaze Aug 2017
When I was born
I struggle to sit down
I struggle to stand up
I struggle to walk
And after all I started growing
Then I wanted to play
I wanted to get married
I wanted to have my own family
I wanted to owned a house
I wanted to owned a car
I wanted to be wealthy
Then I started struggling
Walking hard to achieve my goal
Doing the unthinkable  just to
Get the sweetness of life
Then I said to myself
Why the struggle
If I will leave this world
The same way I came, without nothing
All the achievement will I leave behind
Then why the struggling
When the body I am struggling for, will become food for worms someday
So I decided to wait
For my right time to come
Because I know that
Everything on this earth is vanity
Even my own body
ochuko blaze Aug 2015
If I cry for you to come back,
Will you come and never leave me again?
If I accept all mistakes even the ones that are not mind,
Will you be perfect?
If I love you with my whole heart,
Will you stop hurting me?
Cause when you are not here with me,
I still feel your presence.
If I make you my ending,
Will you be my beginning?
I felt so sad when you hurt me without compassion,without pity why?
Even when I try to reach out for you,
You were not there.
ochuko blaze May 2015
A man in disguise
Who must be charged to b in charge no matter how it seem in a situation.
A man in disguise
Who has improve himself by other men writing so that he shall come easily by what others have labour hard for.
A man in disguise
Who knows that forgiveness is not an occasional act: it is a permanent attitude and happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.
A man in disguise
Who knows that the happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best of what they have; and also know that goodness is the only investment that never fails
But for greed all nature is too little
The man in disguise
Who only God can give to man-kind
Because he is our benefactor.
ochuko blaze Jun 2015
Gentile and nice
Harmless but dangerous
So are the women of this world.
Creature of love,peace but they strike when threatening.
Homemakers,comforters,joy givers but they can also be your nightmare.
Women are one of the gift the creator gave to man.
They are humble but very fragile respect them.

— The End —