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Nymeriari Dec 2019
I know I say being single is fine and that I'm fine, but on days like this when lovers are out dating in public and all the T.V. ever plays are romance movies… I remember you. But who are you? where art thou? when it will be?
9 days until 2020 and I still don't understand where my lurking jowa is?
Dec 2019 · 212
A third life
Nymeriari Dec 2019
Remark something so tragically beautiful tonight,

A third life,
My third life.

Just like a fireworks of art
from here to the nearest star,

I was about to the nearest star,

I wish
I could lay awake in the night, with you.

and our lingering hearts
and tell you about a tragedy
called life.

I've already told you.

Thank you for listening,
You care for me.
Thank you. N
Dec 2019 · 151
Nymeriari Dec 2019
Can we talk about the rain?
Like how the sky cries so much
And how it's cold wind
Touches our soul.

Or can we just be together?
Without even talking
And without even hearing anything
But the pouring of the rain.
Dec 2019 · 142
Nymeriari Dec 2019
you’ve been living in my screen

aye we used to talk for hours everyday,

look at us now.

i now know i was blind

i was so lonely inside

but you disconnected from reality

so you left the chat.
Nov 2019 · 134
120 Miles
Nymeriari Nov 2019
We’re strangers from the start

Is it weird,

we met each other online


Maybe a long distance love

even tho you’ve been living in my screen

Love will travel as far as you let it.
Nov 2019 · 167
To G
Nymeriari Nov 2019
After all these months
I'm just now realizing
I’ve probably never even know it exists
Do you believe in friendship before first bond?

I wish I never saw you in that court of pq.
I wish I’d never attracted to your lateral view of whitey legs.
Why tf I’m so attached to you,
I’ve never felt like this before. Charot

Is this poem suppose to make you happy?
Your days aren't inexplicable.
When least expected, awc scenes should show up anytime right.
But waiting are for nothing aren't they.
Happy birthday tho.
Sep 2019 · 223
Nymeriari Sep 2019
To me,
you are Elizabeth Bennet,
spirited, warm-hearted and smart.
In every way.
And every way in between.

You hold a place in my heart,
that no one else can even remotely possibly imagine to fill.

In the best of times,
we make the worst team.
Our big sister seems not to know
Still, she tries so hard to fix us
Guide us to be a better version of ourselves.

Don't let this world weigh you down
you just gotta continue to fly upwards.

Remember that I am forever at your side,
whether you need me or not.

Remember that I am here.
Right here.
For you.

You are my sister.
and I love you.
Aug 2019 · 147
- just a stranger -
Nymeriari Aug 2019
short-blonde haired
i see you
everyday at least once
your clothes are loose
you smile so easily
you walked so manly
do you see me?
each time I pass you on the way
I look at you
and try not to stare
but i don't even know your name
who are you?
ps got her name today hihi
Aug 2019 · 209
Nymeriari Aug 2019
right now,
i am
feeling nothing.
not sorry, not mad.
not angry, not sad.
maybe i no
longer a
maybe i have turned
into an
Somebody return me back to Area 51, I don’t belong here.
Aug 2019 · 133
Nymeriari Aug 2019
while you think of her, she's thinking of someone else, but while that is happening, I am thinking of you. the attraction or the admiration that we see on whom we like, isn't being returned either way. Though, I am foolish to let thoughts of you linger this long.
We're all foolish.
Jul 2019 · 300
Code is Poetry
Nymeriari Jul 2019
If code is poetry, I'm learning the letters.

The #Web is lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep, lines to go before I leap and before I go to sleep.
#ITfeels #Programmer
Jul 2019 · 432
tongue and pen
Nymeriari Jul 2019
For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these,

'It might have been'.
Jan 2019 · 98.6k
sa isang silid
Nymeriari Jan 2019
malamig sa isang silid
may kasamang pighati, saya at lungkot
sa bawat paghinga,
ramdam ang pagbagsak ng luha.

magkakahiwalay na tayo
sakit na tila kinukurot ang puso
sakit na walang ibang lunas,
kundi ang pagsasamahan nating nabuo.

sinulat ko ang tulang ito
para kahit ako'y lilisan na
maaari ko pang balikan lahat.
lahat ng alaala at samahan,

mga alaala na hindi ko makakalimutan,
katulad ng...
habang tayo'y naghihintay ng ticket
habang tayo'y nagbabasa ng email thread
habang tayo'y nakaupo sa isang silid

naglalaro ng moba,
nanonood ng youtube,
nakahawak sa mga selpon.

na tila bigla bigla tayong natinag
sa mga boss na dumadaan
na kahit sa dami natin sa area
nagawa parin tayong turuan
at pag tiyagaan nila sir at ma'am.

napaka-lungkot lang isipin,
na ang ating samahan,
sa kathang-isip na lamang.

alam ko lahat naman tayo nakaramdam na ng lungkot
lungkot na hindi mo alam kung saan nagmula
lungkot na hindi mo alam kung ano ang dahilan
lungkot na hindi mo alam kung ano ang kinahihinatnan

pero ang pinaka-nakakalungkot sa lahat
yung puno ng tao sa isang silid.
puno ng tunog at salita 
puno ng biruan at tawanan
pero ramdam **** maiiyak ka
ramdam **** hindi ka nababagay sa lugar na naroon ka

sa pagkakataong ito, hindi mo alam kung bakit hindi mo kayang makisali at magkunwaring masaya nalang 
kung sa mga nakaraang araw kinaya mo naman
nakakapagod mag-isip.

pero alam naman natin
ito yung pagod na hindi kayang gamutin ng pahinga 
ito yung pagod na hindi kayang idaan sa alak o ng yosi man lang
ito yung pagod na hindi kayang idaan sa maghapong hilata sa kama

ito yung pagod na hindi kayang gamutin o kahit dampi ng matinding menthol ng salonpas sa nangangalay na kasu-kasuan
Ito yung pagod na hindi kayang gamutin ng efficascent oil na suki ng buong pamilya

ito yung pagod na dama ng kaibuturan at kaluluwa
ito yung pagod na mahirap punan ng lunas kasi hindi mo alam kung bakit ang bigat sa pakiramdam

iyong pag napabayaan o mali ang diagnosis mo e pwedeng lumikha ng sanga-sangangang maliit at mas komplikadong dahilan ng kapaguran
kung pwede lang mapawi ang lungkot sa bawat malalim na buntong hininga ang ngalay na dama ng kaluluwa

yung tuwang hatid damay lahat ng parte ng kabuuan
isama mo pa pati yung sangkatutak na split ends mas lalo na ang mga pimples na ayaw kang lubayan
alam ko, napapagod rin kayo
sadyang nakakapagod lang talagang gumising sa umagang walang kulay
sa mundong malawak.

pero nandyan ang ngiti na nakikita mo mula sa ibang tao,
na nakikita ko mula sa inyo.
ngiting kay gaan sa pakiramdam,
na tila nangangawit na ang pisngi dahil sa ayaw humupa ng ngiti.

Salamat sa mga binigay niyong mga ngiti.
Na nakakapawi ng pighati,
Salamat dahil naging parte kayo ng talata ng buhay ko.
#TSG #OJTdays
Dec 2018 · 345
Lumos Maxima
Nymeriari Dec 2018
Day passed, can't help my eyes not looking at you for a single time
but there you are sitting in a luminous light, innocent.
full of life, moving uncertain.
excitement crawls through my body
wanting to speak the unspoken words. 
There, we're both standing in the middle, strange I couldn't speak.

Yea, we might not speak 
during the day.
But in that night,
you infiltrate my thoughts 
sporadically throughout the day
and haunt my dreams
occasionally throughout the night.

Funny how
it used to be
so comforting
talking to you at night.
Feb 2018 · 344
9th of Feb
Nymeriari Feb 2018
His presence, I always felt
while I was growing up
so many things running through my head
even up to this day.
He told me not to worry or despair,
took my hand,
told me I could go with him, which I almost did.
But I was always saved from falling,
I feel some kind of force stopping me,
standing ahead of me,  
In silence, I greet him,
"Happy birthday, tay,"
in my mind, my father lives,
and my own stories of him therein dwells.
Dec 2017 · 301
Nymeriari Dec 2017
wilting shadows weep for the company of night,
lacking comprehension they only exist where there's light.
but I know every detail you hide
cos I'm always by your side
You must be very curious to know
well, I'm only your shadow.
Nov 2017 · 251
who gave birth to you
Nymeriari Nov 2017
The creator of our flesh
director of light
wisdom you possess.
You bless us with your tenderness
and eternal love.
You are always been there
when needed a hug or laugh
or a shoulder to cry on.
You nourish our bones
and encourage our strengths
your voice forever on the receiving end.
Awe inspiring how you lead your life,
carrying the load whilst helping others get by.
Wondrous, compassionate, insightful and kind
a priceless treasure impossible to find
A formidable warrior like you
flowing with grace
with an angelic face.
Maintaining the homestead
the sanctuary of love,
a woman who'll infinitely be cherished in our hearts.
Nov 2017 · 451
As sisters in Zion
Nymeriari Nov 2017
A strong woman you are
determined & intelligent too
yes, we argue quite often
just like sisters do
but when sadness comes to a broken heart
we're known to cheer it up with a bright start
though miles away we may be
you're still the sweetest sister to me
and no one could ever replace You.
Happy birthday to the person who showed me compassion! I love you so much unnie.
Nov 2017 · 9.5k
Nymeriari Nov 2017
Maliwanag na mukha ng buwan
Nagmasid sa kanyang kabilugan
Tila, mayroong pinapahiwatig sa likod nito
Subalit hindi ko mabatid kung ano
sapagkat naghihintay lamang ako na bumalik ang kuryente dito
Oct 2017 · 381
You deserve the stars
Nymeriari Oct 2017
see from a far
a million little stars
but feeling like an empty void
where existence is none
stars slowly fading away
into the opaque night
I wonder why.
do I feel so alone?
maybe I'm just a light bulb, and you deserve the stars.
Oct 2017 · 243
Nymeriari Oct 2017
Never fall in love with a poet
for their words are sometimes lies
on occasions they're a shield
on occasions a disguise

They will take you on a journey
upon which they bare their soul
in a bid to ease your burdens
in a bid to make you whole

But in every word they choose
for the stories that they tell
lies a little piece of heaven
and a little piece of hell

Tormented souls we poets are
sometimes quite broken and despaired
in search of lost expressions
missed by others who once cared

Never fall in love with a poet
unless you're prepared to share their pain
to hold them close on the darkest nights
over and again
Aug 2017 · 8.1k
Isang "Oo"
Nymeriari Aug 2017
Parang papatak na,
Mula sa aking mga mata,
Matang kay lungkot,
May pinipilit ilimot.

Silakbo nitong puso,
Pusong nagdurugo,
Alam ko naman ang dahilan,
Ngunit hindi alam ba't nasasaktan.

Pinukaw ng sakit,
Kalungkuta'y iginiit,
Alam ko naman kung bakit,
Kaya ganito pala ka pait.

Ang katotohanan,
Sa ating pagmamahalan
Ang tanging nagdulot,
Ng poot na sa puso ko'y nanuot.

Paano ko ba papakawalan?
Kapag wala nang maramdaman,
Huli na ba ang lahat?
Ito ba ay nararapat?

Ito ba ang mapapala ko?
May nadadama pa ba ako?
Ang sagot ay isang "Oo",
Patunay ang mga luha kong dumaloy dahil sa'yo
Nymeriari Jun 2017
When your pure love captures my heart
You're the only one that leaves it with a mark
The air I breathe
is all the inspiration I could ever need.

But your love is so exclusive
That turns me too illusive
When I am in a dream
You builds the stream

When I write a poetry
You recites the piece fluently
When you sing a song
Dreams longing me too long

Yes, You are the tickle sensation
And you leap my heart’s inspiration
So my heart is under lock and key
Which could only open by you and me.
Mar 2017 · 590
heart and soul
Nymeriari Mar 2017
When you gave me my heart back
I was amused
because not only had you taken
extreme care of it,
but you had also sewed old holes,
healed past burns
and cured previous cuts.
pb, thank you for that.
Mar 2017 · 2.4k
Vape on
Nymeriari Mar 2017
Given up smoking
Now doing vaping
So goodbye to the old comforts
And to the lines plugged in my walls
Where smoking's not the same
It's kinda a vaped dream
Without the daze
Of evil ways up yesterday.

#vapeon #switching
Mar 2017 · 1.7k
Nymeriari Mar 2017
Isa akong makata. Na gustong magsulat ng mga bagay na kakaiba. Pawang ako lamang ang nalalanta. Sapagkat ang tula ko'y hinulma na.
Nov 2016 · 1.8k
Hindi natatapos ang tula
Nymeriari Nov 2016
Sa tulang ito ikaw ang nilalaman
Na ihahantulad ko sa aking puso't isipan
Ngunit ito na ang huling tula na isusulat ko para sayo, na tungkol sayo
Sapagkat sa mga susunod na tulang isusulat ko ay hindi na ikaw ang magiging pamagat nito.
Nov 2016 · 1.4k
Nymeriari Nov 2016
Bakit sa tuwing ika'y dumadaan
Ang kalooban ko'y gumagaan
Na kahit hindi mo na ako pinapansin
Ang puso ko naman ay gusto ka parin
Ganito nga ba ang magmahal
Magmahal ng isang tao na parang multong dumadaan
Hindi ko namalayan subalit naramdaman ng aking kalamnan
O sadyang ako'y ginugutom lamang?
Nov 2016 · 3.7k
Ako'y nagmamahal lamang
Nymeriari Nov 2016
Hindi ko sinasadyang mahulog sa kanya ng patago
May mga bagay lang talaga na nahuhulog  na walang sumasalo
Subalit hindi naman ako bagay, tao ako
Isang tao na nagmamahal sa taong hindi naman ako mahal.
Nov 2016 · 3.6k
Pula at Itim
Nymeriari Nov 2016
Gumawa ako ng tula dahil gusto ko
Kagaya ng pagkagusto ko sayo
Noong inakala kong kaibigan lang
Ngunit ang damdamin ko'y nalinlang
Na hindi ko man lang namalayan
Ako'y nabighani sa ipinakita **** kaugalian
Na kahit hindi man lang kagandahan
Ay wala parin akong pakialam
Dahil sadyang ako'y nagmamahal lamang.
Kaya salamat dahil nakilala kita
Sa mga araw na ako'y naging masaya
Dahil sa mga kabaliwan **** dinala
Subalit akin ng tataposin ang salaysay dito sa aking damdamin
Na gaya ng mga sigarilyong mauubos din
Sapagkat nalaman kong ika'y pula, at ako'y itim
Pero hindi lang yan ang mga rason
Kung bakit ititigil ko na ang aking ilusyon.
Nov 2016 · 9.0k
Nymeriari Nov 2016
Isang mensahe na ipinapahatid ni "Ariii Potter" sa kanyang alaga na si "Hedwig" the Snowy Owl.

Sa naghihimultong pagmamahal ko sayo.

Mahal.. oo, mahal nga ang tawag ko sayo
Nagbunga kasi ang pagkagusto ko sayo,
Nagbunga ng isang pagmaMahal

Yung feeling na "gusto kita"
Naging "mahal na kita" real quick

Inakala ko talaga sa diagon alley ka lang gumagala
Eh bat ka na sorted dito sa puso ko

Bakit nga ba..

Patawad sa mga katagang sinabi ko, ay mali. hindi ko lang pala sinabi.
Ipinagsigawan ko pa. Ang corny no?


Pagbigyan mo sana ako na ihatid ang mga salitang gustong ipabatid ng puso ko

Idadaan ko lang muna sa isang tula.
Sa kung paano mo ako nginitian
At tinanong kung "potterhead kaba?"

Hindi ko alam kung ginamitan mo ako ng "petrificus totalus"
Dahil sa tuwing tinatawag mo akong ng"Ariii" na fre-freeze ang aking hypothalamus

Na halos masabog-sabog na tong pagmamahal na ihahantulad ko sa isang bulkan
Hindi ko man lang namalayan na umabot ito ng isang buwan

Pati na ang nakatagong pag-ibig dito sa aking damdamin
Ay sadyang naging malalim

Na kahit gumamit man ako ng salitang "alohomora"
Para mabuksan ang pintuan ng puso **** nakasara

Kahit maging seeker man ako sa quidditch
At ikaw ang magiging "snitch"
Hindi parin kita maka-catch
Sapagkat ang tayong dalawa ay imposibleng maging match

O makipaglaban man ako sa Wizard's Chess
Para makamtan ang iyong sorcerer's heart
Ay hindi parin sapat
Alam mo kung bakit?
Dahil hindi ako karapat-dapat
At ang karapat-dapat
Ay ang ika'y pakawalan
Dahil alam ko naman sa kahuli-hulihan
Ako parin ang masasaktan

Kaya salamat,
Salamat sa pansamantalang kilig
Sa tuwing ika'y nakatitig.
Oct 2016 · 333
Nymeriari Oct 2016
every time you come to my mind
that's when I start to cry
but then I remember you wouldn't want that
so I smile and wipe my eyes.
I know you're always looking down on me
from heaven up above
Your spirit is always with me
whether in a flower or a dove.
#allsaintsday #tatay
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
I love you
Nymeriari Oct 2016
Not father's day today
I'm writing a poetry
My thoughts soppily versed
In filial love immersed

He's always there to guide
From heaven, here by my side
But the words "I love you dad"
Makes me feel so sad.
9 years na tay
Oct 2016 · 266
Nymeriari Oct 2016
How long can it last,
this rain that won't end?
After five straight days
will it ever give in?
I'm trapped in this shack,
another long weekend,
watching science fiction reruns
and writing poetry again.
Sep 2016 · 247
To a friend
Nymeriari Sep 2016
I wish I know
The lullabies
That sing you to sleep

Then, I'll sing them to you
Hoping it'll bring peace
In this crazy world

But I do not know
And I cannot sing
So I'll make a wish

I wish I could be
Even just one of the lullabies
You've always loved.
Atleast you loved me.

Jun 2016 · 495
She was
Nymeriari Jun 2016
she was a curious girl
who loved the smell
of old books,
chasing butterflies
and touching herself
under the covers

Apr 2016 · 4.2k
Bitaw na
Nymeriari Apr 2016
Gusto ko ng bumitaw dahil sa sakit na aking nadarama
Pero hndi ko pa kaya kasi mahal na mahal pa kita
Hanggang kelan ko to titiisin?
Hndi ko na kc madama ang pagmamahal mo sa akin
Hndi na ikaw ang taong minahal ko noon
Asan na ba siya?
Mali, hndi ko siya hinahanap.

Nakakapagod talaga, hndi mo mn lang ako tinulungan.
Grabe ka!
Nakakapagod din kcng intindihin ka
Hndi ko alam kung anong problema kc hndi ka naman nagsasabi ng totoo **** nadarama
Para bang itinatago mo sa iyong bulsa
Bahala na, sabi mo nga sa akin "Bahala ka"
Bahala na talaga.
Bibitawan na kita.
Sa wakas,
Ang pagmamahal ko sayo'y matatapos na.
Ang sakit na aking nadarama ay matatapos na.
Matatapos na talaga.
Ito na, ito na ang huling sasabihin ko para sayo na kasabay ng mga luhang tumutulo sa akin mga mata.
Apr 2016 · 29.5k
Saranggola ng Pag-ibig
Nymeriari Apr 2016
Para kang saranggolang maputi
Na nakatali sa aking mga daliri
Ngayon, nais kong lumipad ka muna, lumipad ka muna palayo sa akin
At ika'y sumabay sa hangin
Na pansamantalang hindi ka makita ng aking paningin
Masakit man talagang isipin
Ngunit aking paring kakayanin
Papasaan ba't mamawala rin ang sakit sa aking damdamin
Pero iyong tatandaan, hindi kita bibitawan
Kasi alam ko balang araw babalik ka at tayo'y muling magtatawanan
Dahil naniniwala ako na tayo'y nakatali sa sinulid ng ating pagmamahalan. :)
Sep 2015 · 480
Is it ever enough?
Nymeriari Sep 2015
No I’m never gonna leave you darling
No I’m never gonna go regardless
Everything inside of me is living in your heartbeat
Even when all the lights are fading
Even then if your hope was shaking
I’m here holding on
Sep 2015 · 3.9k
Ika sampu
Nymeriari Sep 2015
Kapag ang pakpak ng dati **** pag-ibig ay naging gapos na.

Kapag ang langit na minsan **** nilipad ay naging kulungan na.

Mahalin mo siya sa huling pagkakataon, tapos BITAW NA.
Sep 2015 · 1.2k
Nymeriari Sep 2015
parang ayokong matulog
pero gusto ko namang matulog
gusto ko na maging umaga
para makalimutan ang sakit na dinadama
pero imposibleng mawala sa isang umaga
baka ilang taon, buwan o araw pa siguro ito mabubura
kasi mahirap kalimutan ang taong minahal mo ng sobra
Sep 2015 · 300
I can't
Nymeriari Sep 2015
Again I can't sleep
Again I can't stop thinking about that night
Again I can't wake up without remember your smile
Again I can't look at sky without remember your eyes  
Again I can't
Sep 2015 · 1.9k
Nymeriari Sep 2015
Sometimes I just have to accept things
That aren't going to happen
The way I wanted them to
But you have to believe my feelings
Cause no matter how hard it is to imagine
I still love you and I will always love you.
These feelings I have for you will always remain, like spring.

— The End —