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Not-So-Superman Jun 2015
Run run run, from the falling rain
seeking shelter from the struggle
seeking shelter from the strain.
Hop hop hop, across the empty streets,
running from the water's bellow,
running from the water's feats.
Gasp, gasp, gasp, as you see a yellow light
                  you let out a final sigh,
as your heart looses it's last fight.
Pain, pain, pain, your bones seem to cry
the tire tracks on your body,
the tire tracks where you lie,

Alas the rain drops have come to say goodbye
You are important to them.
They're here to watch you die.
Not-So-Superman Aug 2014
When did we grow up?

When did we stop crying,
and start pretending we were okay?
When did our parents
stop asking us what was wrong
if we were silent?
When did the world
with all it's pressure
start telling us that we should be able
to bear it's burdens?
When were we taught
not to cry out when we needed help?
When were we made
to smile and nod
as the ever present necessity to succeed
claws at us with it's poisonous fangs
and gnaws at our already mangled body?

When did we grow up?
Not-So-Superman Aug 2014
You rejoiced in my love,
        and reveled in my embrace
And so, I will love you as well.
       I will embrace you as if
                I were freezing
       I will kiss you as if
               I were starving
And I will love you as if,
It  is the only thing I know.

But once I'm done,
You will soon realize,
the most painful thing,
about falling in love;

Is when you hit the ground.
Not-So-Superman Apr 2014
The seemingly burning circle
is the halo upon my head
and the cold metal trigger,
delivers my medicine of lead.

The warm steel is my epitaph
of resentment and regret
as my frigid body embraces
this relief giving threat.
It was inspired by the Beatles song "Happiness is a warm gun"
Not-So-Superman Apr 2014
My throat can get awfully dry lately.
I suppose it is from water loss.
I ask you to pass the water from
across the table.

But I remember what happened.

And instead he stands up to get it himself.
I guess people change when they go through loss.
Not-So-Superman Mar 2014
Body of beauty
body of grace
******* neatly
in a bow of lace.

hands making haste
mind and body in a rush
lips yearning for a taste.
by cheeks red from blush.

Unwrapped, revealed
what's underneath
an explosive treasure
now unconcealed
Not-So-Superman Mar 2014
How different would
a man's life be.
Should he have never
met the sea.

Not know would he
of water's breath stealing sight
or the waves tumultuous melody
or the sun as it sinks into night.

Lost would be such a delight
often overlooked by normal man
to bare witness to a great might
and revel in a marvelous plan.
Not really my thing. But it came to me so I wrote it out.. Feedback is much appreciated!
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