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  Feb 21 Nina Chin
Autumn Stott
So you want to be a poet?
You want to make beauty out of ugly words,
want to make people feel something,
you want the grandeur and glamour,
the clapping audience after your appearance on stage?
Well, kid, here's the thing,
A poet is not something you can just "be".
It is an illness passed down at birth,
it is the doctor handing you to your mother
and saying
"I'm so sorry, she was born with poetry in her veins".
It is your father begging for forgiveness
the first time he finds you
scribbling metaphors on your bedroom wall- just like him.
It is your first bicycle accident,
and the apologetic look
on your neighbors face when she
sees the ink pouring out of your wounds.
It is drinking too much,
not sleeping enough,
loving too deeply,
yet never loving at all,
It is walking up to every stranger you meet and saying
"here is my heart, would you like to break it?"
So you want to be a poet?
Good luck.
I've been really angry about this writer's curse lately.
  Mar 2016 Nina Chin
That stiff manor
And the lifeless grin was enough to
Freeze me.
Love is not supposed to be pulling teeth
To be noticed.
You taught me that mediocre exists.

The love before you
Taught me passion is not just
Drunk tears at 3 am and
Deceiving words.

I went from burning hot to freezing cold.
I don’t know what normal is and
I don’t know if I ever will.

I learned to set my own temperature.
I am in control of my own degree of love.
To find a happy medium would be ideal
But I have come to the conclusion I chase after extremes.
Whether it is extremely boring, or extremely exhilarating
It gives me life.
looking back and analyzing what I thought was wasted time was just in turn a valuable time to learn lessons that will define what i finally am realizing is a true love.
Nina Chin Mar 2016
I am a traveler
I am a foreigner to myself
My smile is 50/50
and by this I mean that it is unsure
My eyes are undoubtedly truthful
and I am always looking for light in uselessly dark places
My hands are shaky yet steady
My confidence wavers
it comes and goes with the wind
My body is a creaky robotic shell that is always tired
I am incredibly indecisive
My mind is like the ocean
sometimes it is calm and clear
and others it is a raging storm in which I struggle to stay afloat
At night I look to the stars hoping to find a piece of myself
I am a strong believer in horoscopes
because I want to believe that the stars already know who I am
I am a traveler
and I wish to see the world
and I wish to meet myself.
  Mar 2016 Nina Chin
Sub Rosa
I am not that
not a storm before sunrise,
awakening the slumbering seaside
with sprays of churning ocean,
watery elemental
breaking against the bluff
with every exhale
- quickened heartbeat -
pounding the shore with
black-water fists
I am not that
the master of nature
calling the mountains to rise
and the rivers to run
Planting my flag
in my earth.

I was strong once.
When I kicked from the womb.
Now I lift my hands
only to be held
by another.

— The End —