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Mar 2016
I am a traveler
I am a foreigner to myself
My smile is 50/50
and by this I mean that it is unsure
My eyes are undoubtedly truthful
and I am always looking for light in uselessly dark places
My hands are shaky yet steady
My confidence wavers
it comes and goes with the wind
My body is a creaky robotic shell that is always tired
I am incredibly indecisive
My mind is like the ocean
sometimes it is calm and clear
and others it is a raging storm in which I struggle to stay afloat
At night I look to the stars hoping to find a piece of myself
I am a strong believer in horoscopes
because I want to believe that the stars already know who I am
I am a traveler
and I wish to see the world
and I wish to meet myself.
Nina Chin
Written by
Nina Chin
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