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Diving deep into
The photograph
I see who you are
Touching the surface
With fingertips
Unable to feel
The warmth of your skin
Tracing your face
Touching your chin
Fully submerged in
The pool of your
I feel who you are
Deep in my heart
A photo is worth a thousand words, thoughts, memories
through distant isles i searched for him
my only love, my one true knight,
and i a spirit, silver-haired,
a ghost of night.

oh, he was battle scarred and worn
from long crusades in foreign lands
and through parched deserts still i roam
the wind-blown sands.

i'll not forget him, never rest,
until i've whispered in his ear
undying love through moon-blanched lips
and held him near.

oh, hear me crying like the wind
through every forest, every sea,
i walk the earth, a phantom shade,

and snow is cold but not as chill
as the iced ****-frost of my breath
the taste of winter in my kiss,
a wraith of death!

i'll wrap him in my gauzy limbs,
ignite the fire in his vein,
encircle him in clouds of mist
and free my chain.

through distant isles i searched for him
my only love, my one true knight,
and i a spirit, silver-haired,
a ghost of night.
in the style of La Belle Dame sans Merci (the beautiful lady without mercy) by john keats.
the night is silver
air, her dark ink
flowing like a pen, her
aches and sinews, water-
born, melted out of sky.
there is no cage

to hold the bird, page-like,
built out of river and
dream, it is free to fly,
carry the green of
the trickling leaves to the
rain-heavy cloud.

february builds her palaces
of love, a pretty rose,
a sentimental card,
a rain-sweetened kiss.

we are as full of the night
as a poem, our lips glazed
red, our hearts glowing
golden gathering petals
and sky.
We are barely civil.
In fact it's a war!
I'm about ready now
To knock you to the floor!

I'm a blue-clad Yankee.
You're grey-Johnny Reb.
This fight may not be over
Til one red heart 💔 is dead!

Collateral damage, Civil War
Please don' you come 'round no more!
No lady here, no gentleman
Was it just a one-year stand?
Call it Providence or Fate,
All that's left of love is hate.

We don't square off in a duel
We wait in the weeds!
Each of us a Devil's tool
We shoot until we bleed!

You the caustic sarcasm
Me the Samurai tongue
We won't bend, but in the end
Which of us has won??.


SoulSurvivor aka
Write of Passage
 Feb 14 Nick Moore
Zoe Mae
If you were a star, you'd shine so brightly
That no matter how far, I'd see you nightly
If you were the moon, you'd hang so low
That no matter how lost, I'd feel your glow
If you were mine, you'd be none of these things
You'd live like an eagle without any wings
I would never keep you from your true galaxy
Cuz if anyone needs you in the sky, it's me
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