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7.1k · Feb 2013
Oral bliss, Anal anxiety
Nick Moore Feb 2013
Austere, everywhere!
only me for
that I care.

In my dream, two apples
fall from a tree,
roll down the hill
next to me.

There I lay
in foetal bliss
behold she comes to me
the Goddess.
Wrote this one after reading an article about oral personalities and **** personalities.
6.5k · Feb 2013
Nick Moore Feb 2013
Disappointed, with the food you choose to eat.
Disappointed with the dark shadows on the street.
Disappointed with what’s on Tv.
Disappointed with what you call reality.
Disappointed we let things slip so far.
Disappointed with a bandage called a car.
Disappointed with the mobile in your hand.
Disappointed I cannot see the band.
5.8k · May 2013
Nick Moore May 2013
The ball of wool
got smaller and smaller
as it ran across the rug,
reflected upon the untrained eye
it looked just like a bug

The cat was intrigued,
decided to pounce!
but the ball just carried on dancing
and lost another ounce

Getting quite frantic now
it's dancing got faster and faster,
the needles did their work
the scarf got taller
but the ball just got smaller

Spotlighted by sunlight
due to clement weather,
it had reached the end
of it's tether.
5.8k · Sep 2017
Nick Moore Sep 2017
I love
that you

The things
that you

Even if I don't

Could you do the same for me?

If yes

What great lovers
5.1k · Jul 2013
Zen Cow
Nick Moore Jul 2013
The Zen Cow
"what's wrong with right now?"

I had it, now I lost it!
the big Joke
a fish looking for water!
the masters stick
gave me a poke.
4.0k · Apr 2013
Old Rocking Chair
Nick Moore Apr 2013
I was sitting in my old rocking chair
Taking in the mountain air

All of a sudden I was filled with panic!
Oh no, for goodness sake!
not another earthquake!

But then these words I do declare
woodworms taken a liking to my chair
woodworms taken a liking to my chair

I rub the place where I had hair!
woodworms taken another rocking chair
woodworms taken a liking to my chair.
Just trying to make you laugh with this one : ))
2.8k · Dec 2011
Old Rocking Chair.
Nick Moore Dec 2011
I was sitting in my old rocking chair
Taking in the mountain air

All of a sudden I was filled with panic,
Oh no, for goodness sake,
not another earthquake!

But then these words I do declare
woodworms taken a liking to my chair

I rub the place where I had hair!
woodworms taken another rocking chair.
2.1k · Feb 2012
What no words can say.
Nick Moore Feb 2012
What did I Glimpse in the woods
that day?
Amongst the bracken and bluebells that sway.

Something wonderful is all I can say,
thinking about it, as I
pass this way.
1.9k · Sep 2017
Nick Moore Sep 2017
for far to long,

had ears
for the same song,

weren't sure
what was right,
but we knew what was wrong,

Good to know a place
to belong.
1.9k · Jan 2013
Pragmatic In The Attic
Nick Moore Jan 2013
Chaos my friend
there’s only one way to be
To make these eyes see.

Pragmatic in the attic,
a calmness and clarity
it’s the only way to be
pragmatic in the attic
To make these eyes see.
1.8k · Mar 2013
Nick Moore Mar 2013





on the

the wind waves.
1.7k · Apr 2016
Nick Moore Apr 2016
Brown conker shine
bluebell chime

Yellow dandelion

Feel the flame
of the snapdragon,
the brightness of
1.4k · Jan 2012
Nick Moore Jan 2012
The Kaleidoscope has been shaken,
all the pieces are in flux

Time to make a new start
that's not haunted by the past.
Nick Moore Dec 2011
Home made zombie voodoo whistles past
Wicked pastiche
Betrayed and murdered
Sitting on beer crates
She admits how Unsalvageably evil she is
Sparkled in the moonlight
Fires were not uncommon
raise a quizzical eyebrow
Remove my coat
Sniffing language
Orange silver glow
Murky waters
Slime and filth.
1.4k · Mar 2014
Vinyl Old And New
Nick Moore Mar 2014
When I was a teen
Vinyl was the scene
The tangled up cassette

Then came, scratch free CD
Now the one you cannot see...... MP3

Pulled apart
LP's wonderful art

Dusting down my old turntable
Spin some disks
Hope it's able

Making a warm crackle
The needle clicked into the groove
My ears did approve

So it's final
I'm going back to
1.3k · Mar 2014
Nick Moore Mar 2014
A vision of the land I see
Where trees stand tall and true,
Bluebells spread and grew,
Birds on branches nesting
warm winds take them on the wing
Any ear would hear them sing


Will my dream come to pass?
Nick Moore Feb 2013
The tyranny of the dull mind.
All’s lost
if you

The tyranny of the dull mind.
That dark place,
that made
1.2k · Apr 2013
Labyrinth World.
Nick Moore Apr 2013
Wondering around
formless and free,
compelling curiosity
to find out

alpha, omega
was seen to be

Entering the
construct, what
great fun to be had

Moving around each
twist, corner and turn,
celestial navigation
was learned

self awareness
was lost,
leaving clues
at each
twist, corner and turn.
1.2k · Mar 2013
You'r own story
Nick Moore Mar 2013
Making up
you'r own story

A lonely path
to chose

But the best
one to take,
the homesick blues.
1.1k · Nov 2013
Children Of The Stars
Nick Moore Nov 2013
Moon unit Zappa
whip *******

Zowie Bowie
Duncan Jones
Zappa film Moon

Rolan Bolan
the real
pinball wizard.
whimsical I know, but here it is anyway.....
1.1k · Feb 2015
Nick Moore Feb 2015
Stingray of light
That fish is
Out of sight.
1.1k · Jan 2012
The Red sparrow.
Nick Moore Jan 2012
One day a time will come
my eye's search, tentative and narrow.

A visit from
Red sparrow.

The light
my flesh will burn,
I hope to be
tasty worm.
1.0k · Apr 2015
Unwanted Moment.
Nick Moore Apr 2015
unwanted moment
looming ahead

must be said

Holding you now
a part of me dead

has been said.
For Megan x
1.0k · Jan 2014
Nick Moore Jan 2014
Has a slot
On my emotional roulette wheel
It's easy to forget it's there
But when the ball rolls
Sometimes it falls just right
The feeling
So fleeting
But the memory
Will stay a while.
1.0k · Jul 2013
The Deceiver
Nick Moore Jul 2013
We could be


There must be
a truth
to be deceived
981 · Feb 2014
Memory Of A Closeness
Nick Moore Feb 2014
Time for some heals
But this
Memory of a closeness

Is it the same for you?
we never mention it

Maybe it should be left alone?
to always be a
Memory of a closeness.
939 · Apr 2013
Nick Moore Apr 2013
When I was little
a voice in my head

“there’s a monster underneath the bed”

Not liking the fear that he gave
a part of me was his slave

I needed to be brave
Look him in the eye

It was time for a monster hunt
Not knowing the word confront

Eye’s closed.
Stick my head under the bed
Open up after one two three
There was nothing there to see!
This is an old one I just tweaked a little, I like it because it's my first memory of facing up to fear.
933 · Feb 2012
Wild Rosaleen.
Nick Moore Feb 2012
Wild as the sea hag
leaping across ****** bay
a vision of you
on this day

Wild Rosaleen
fear and love
in your face
can be seen

The world is wasting
for the lack of you,
Dark Rosaleen

Wild Rosaleen
tears of sadness
in your eyes
can be seen

Bring back the Dark Rosaleen
back from the minds
numbed by the machine

Wild Rosaleen
seaweed and grass
in your hair
can be seen.
884 · Apr 2013
Nick Moore Apr 2013
You seek to depress us,
I know no reason why?
Most of what you say is a lie

Looking through your windows
So many there to choose
I get the feeling, everyone we loose

You can be so seductive
I've had a fling or two
Now I think, I'm finally over you.
851 · Aug 2016
Jacobite's song
Nick Moore Aug 2016
What is that flower I see?
While walking
Culloden pavilions

Sweet William
Sweet William
Sweet William

It may only be a flower
but it's story has power

to me
I see

Stinking Billy
Stinking Billy
Stinking Billy.
847 · Jul 2015
Waking thoughts
Nick Moore Jul 2015
There's guardians at the edge of
waking sleep

Withholding information
as dawn doth creep

I don't know what
they are withholding?
but it must be mighty
806 · Aug 2018
Nick Moore Aug 2018
There are certain things
to which I will always be
sat upon the fence

My favourite sunset
my favourite poem
springs to mind
as my de-fence
First one in a while, hope there are more to come.
Nick Moore Nov 2013
This man
philosopher, mathematician and astronomer
said "the sun was a star"
but the Roman Inquisition
thought he'd gone to far

Found him guilty of heresy,
but you will never guess
what happened next?

Tongue imprisoned for
what it could say,
his life they would take,
and so poor Bruno was
burned at the stake.
Nick Moore Apr 2014
The ***** seem quite knowing
to the egg it is going

A good swimmer to go
where it's going!

*****'s overflowing
eggs are escaping

Slipping down the big dipper
the fallopian ride

When the two meet up
fireworks explode

Divide but not conquer
divide but not conquer
divide but not conquer

Time spent in
the growing room,
head for the exit sign

But after all this
I still don't know
where baby's
792 · Feb 2013
Nick Moore Feb 2013
Down the corridor
Through the door.

Infinite corridors
Wall to wall doors.

Choose a door
Go inside.

Become comfortable.

Forget the door.

Frozen water
Ice melts.

Remember the door
Remember the corridor.
774 · Apr 2013
Mr Pollock.
Nick Moore Apr 2013
Rainbow droplets
pitter patter

Paint splashes
splitter splatter

You'r canvas
a doorway
to the subconscious

Seem like some
must box or list
your's was
abstract expressionist.
769 · Feb 2013
Goodbye George.
Nick Moore Feb 2013
Time went so fast.
I turned around and you were passed.
Without you I wouldn’t have the fight.
Now I have the inner light.

I never met you.
What can I say.
Still think of you every day.

In the darkness of your room.
Banishing all the gloom.
Now there is a light.
You soul has taken flight.
765 · Mar 2013
Dream Driller.
Nick Moore Mar 2013
Fragments of a trapdoor world
A mystery bird
The song he sings of the absurd

My dream driller
Reality killer
Made of smoke and mirror

Corridors with endless doors
Each door hides something new
A secret or two

My dream driller
Reality killer
Made of smoke and mirror

A kiss from the abyss
I'm awake, mind twisting like a snake
Please remember all of this
But only fragments remain
Always the same

My dream driller
Reality killer
made of smoke and mirror
759 · Oct 2014
The Sea Of Ideas
Nick Moore Oct 2014
Knowing that
There's nothing

Fertile ground
For seeds to

Adding different
Shade to the
Paint ***

Changes the colour
Quite a lot

Sensing the senses
What they perceive
Is the world
We believe

Once there was nothing
Then there was something
Thoughts create
735 · Aug 2014
Nick Moore Aug 2014
The thought inside the mind,
the mind inside the thought

The seed inside the tree,
the tree inside the seed

The world inside you,
the you inside the world

The inner space to the outer space,
the outer space to the inner space

The dream inside the mind,
the mind inside the dream

The truth in the lie,
The lie in the truth.
735 · Dec 2011
Nick Moore Dec 2011
Will love come tomorrow?
Or will it come today?

Well, I don’t know!
But will stay optimistic anyway

Hello tomorrow, I met someone today
I think it all went well
But only you can say.
730 · Dec 2011
Nick Moore Dec 2011
When I was little, a voice in my head, said.
“there’s a monster underneath my bed”

Not liking the fear that he gave.
A part of me was his slave.

I needed to be brave.
Look him in the eye.

It was time for a monster hunt.
Not knowing the word confront.

Eye’s closed.
Stick my head under the bed.
Open up after three.
There was nothing there to see.
709 · Jan 2023
Golden age.
Nick Moore Jan 2023
It's always darkest just before dawn,
So my love,
Don't feel forlorn.

From within the cocoon,
Break open the door,
Whatever was imagined,
There's so much more.

Collectively turn a new page,
Welcome in a golden age.
700 · Oct 2013
Nick Moore Oct 2013
Can you conceive?
How do you believe?
What do you construct?
Thoughts in mind are tucked
No choice which house you are born
When death visits some will celebrate
Others mourn.
695 · Mar 2013
Nick Moore Mar 2013
Martial of the elements          
Hierarchical prince
Flutter flags, crimson,
ochre, sapphire, orange
and blue,
Destroying and cleansing
we are indebted to
679 · Feb 2013
Evolution Bypass.
Nick Moore Feb 2013
Cryogenics is here.
The night of the frozen dead.
But if you look into their mask.
Evolution bypass.

They want to live for ever
They work on it all the time.
But would you want to be with them?
For the rest of time.

It will happen.
Later or sooner
But these guy’s ain’t got no sense of humour.

Foot down on life’s gas
Evolution bypass
Evolution bypass.
668 · Aug 2013
Shake The Speare
Nick Moore Aug 2013
If all the world's a stage
then Bill and me
are on the same page

So when treading the boards
step softly
don't go crossing swords,
give the best performance
from you're soul
lift others from their holes,
put a smile on their face
if things don't work out
try changing roles

Make it the best play ever written
try for a good ending
maybe leave someone smitten

When the curtain comes down
and it's just you on you're own
there should be no frown
go to you're backstage bedroom
sleep tight under the full moon
awake as the birds sing
who knows what the day brings.
660 · Jan 2012
Just a feeling.
Nick Moore Jan 2012
Everyone's acting
like nothings going on
Playing old roles
that's been over done

We've been walking down a corridor,
now stumbling nostalgically at the door

Let's just open it.
650 · Feb 2013
What A Child Sees.
Nick Moore Feb 2013
Child kisses the mouth of the shadow dog
Water on her arm “the moon”

Watching the circular ripples expanding

And me, watching her
I glimpsed something
Something I had lost

This is why I’m so touched, by what a child
Can see.
645 · Dec 2014
Societies Handy Tool
Nick Moore Dec 2014
Everyone is someone’s fool
Societies handy tool

It’s such a shame
Divide and conquer
That same old game

If only you could see?
Isn't much difference
Between you and me

Together that’s something new
Together that’s me
And that’s you.
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