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Neha Patel Dec 2020
I hope you are the shore to my ocean...
I hope you are nepenthe to my pain...
I hope you are Christmas to my December...
I hope you are stardust to my universe...
I hope you are conscious to my subconscious..
I hope you are light to my darkness...
I hope you are evermore to my 2020...
I hope you are Nile to my Egypt....
Oh I hope you are me...
And I am you...
Neha Patel Dec 2020
That day i woke up
and felt like shattering
in the vastness of the universe.
That day i slept
and felt like losing my existence
in the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (name of a beautiful movie).
That day i ate
and felt like dying by that venom
in the never ending anxiety of my heart.
That day i ran
and felt the distance unceasing
in the infinity of my laziness.
That day i loved
and felt like disappearing a little more
in the ridiculousness of fate
so thin
so fragile
like a drying rose petal.

— The End —