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zen Aug 2019
we only exist in a chaotic fever dream
but please
let me linger in the gap
between the lines of love and leverage
for just a little longer
i want to see how it feels
the beautiful death of something awful
zen Aug 2019
playing tug of war
a tracing tender touch

the slow tide of a tantalizing tease
torn between timid and utterly translucent
zen Nov 2018
my eyes are bleeding honey and my veins are spilling red wine
the flowers wilt inside my heart and my bones are breaking like dead pine
the stars in my eyes have faded and the breath in my lungs is sedated
crumpling to the floor like tissue paper, transparent.
you like me when i’m like this,
I’m beautiful when i can’t breathe.
i had a concept in my drafts with this when i was feeling like this (i'm not anymore) but i decided to tap into how i was feeling and finish it
zen Nov 2018
he smelled like cigarettes and death
offered me a taste when i was at my lowest,
and i drank the whole **** cup.
whirlwind romance
toxic demise
i quit for love
now i’m back and i begged for release,
but release doesn’t feel as good as i remember.
"He" is like a metaphorical devil of sorts representing all my vices and i just smoked for the first time since i quit and im feeling really bad about it
zen Nov 2018
im smoking,
sparking and
catching fire.
two twin flames
dancing in the dark,
as bright as any star,
burning down the ******* galaxy.
zen Nov 2018
someone you don't remember
laid claim to your body,
left her marks vivid against your skin.
when i saw them,
my eyes stung and my head spun and
my soul flared with a visceral hatred
of the one who made love to you in the way
i always wanted to.
and in that second
i grieved once again
for the love we never shared.
but when it was over,
i looked around and saw the one who
loves me in the way you never did,
makes my eyes sparkle
in the way you never did.
he is the one who
picked up the pieces you left
when you ravaged my heart
with the force of a wildfire
(that still
might be
he's the soft candlelight to your passionate wildfire.
zen Nov 2018
our love is quiet and comfortable,
happy and safe
my home is in your heart.
short but sweet
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