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Nat Jun 9
I have to let you go
So I’m letting you go
I’m letting you be free
Find true happiness
Without me
It’s okay
I’ll be okay
It’s better off this way
You left a long time ago
I’m fine on my own
Don’t stick around
If that’s not what you want
Leave me be
So I can learn how to be me
Let me hurt
So I can learn
It’s okay
I wish you well
I wish myself well
I’ll cherish what we shared

Nat May 27
I wish things were different
I wish we talked more
I wish you’d let me in
I wish we were closer
Instead we’re distant
You linger through my mind
Thoughts I can’t push down
Feelings I can’t ignore
Memories I cannot erase
Everything is you
I can’t no I won’t decide
Between me or you
Let you go ?
I hold on tight to whatever we have left
I drown myself in my own pain and sorrow
Because I can’t express this to you
I wish I was a priority to you
What am I to you ?
Your words don’t match your actions
You leave me feeling lost
But still I stay
Hoping you change
I wish things were different
Nat Apr 20
I put your needs before mine
Even at my worst, you’re the first thing to come to mind
Love deeper than the ocean
Your waves crush over me
Pull me in closer
Devour my soul
With just one stare

I’m always there for you
Put your needs before my own
That’s how much i love you
Nat Mar 8
You effect me in ways I didn't know existed
affect me
infect me like a disease
inject me with your toxic love
an adrenaline rush
the high i can't seem to shake; You're intoxicating
Over medicating on you
I feel my soul levitate and become one with yours
Intertwined hands
locked eyes
as you go deep inside
steal my mind
You're one of a kind
I can't seem to find
Captured my body
it is yours now
You've taken over me
Without realizing you're lying
'Cause this high makes me sick
Suffocating on your words
like smoke that's so thick
I can't see what way to go
tell me to confide
in you
we're on different paths
No matter where i go
i always lose
my mind starts to play tricks on me
i just see visions of you. . .

Tell me what to do.

Nat Mar 5
Love and affections
You affect me in ways you don’t realize
Complex complexion
Drowning in those eyes
Tell me lies
As I lay in your arms
Whisper sweet things in my ear
Let me let go of my fears
I can hear
You tell me you love me
Me I ask ?
Questioning everything
Answering nothing
Reassuring me is everything
Don’t leave
Just be
Love me hold me close
Don’t be cold
I roll over to your side of the bed
Wishing you were here
Come back
I’m sorry I know I lack
Things but forgive me
Let’s just be
Intertwined together
Naked body’s touching
I feel your warmth
I inhale your scent
I get high off you
Tell me you love me too
Am i fool?
Crazy in love
Madly in lust
Or just us ??
Crying craving love and affection
Is it too much ?
Am I too much?
Let’s just retouch
Rewind the time
Is it a crime ?
To love you this way
Or is this just us
Nat Mar 4
I’m sorry I’m such a mess
I had to let you go
Even though
Every part of my body was saying
Because I’m scared to be alone
From head to toe
Please don’t leave me
As my heart breaks
And no longer feel my soul
I cry
Seeking help in empty individuals
Doesn’t last long
The cycle never ends
Hug you and hold you then let you go
And man does it hurt
Like peeling off a face mask
I can’t mask what i feel
But I can’t face what I fear
I’m scared to be alone without you
I don’t want to do this
But what’s worse
Because the cycle doesn’t stop
I’ll end up feeling like this all over again
I love you
And I don’t want to let go
I don’t want to to let go of everything we have
Cause what we had was special
Before it got ruined
What we had was happiness
Before it got sad
I just want that back
I don’t want to let you go
But what choice do I have ?????
You didn’t leave me any options
You or me ?
Something i had to decide
Sadness overcomes me
I can’t lie
For this is not what I wanted

n. y. g.
Wrote this a few months ago
  Mar 3 Nat
I found peace in my honesty with you
In the purity of my love for you
In the transparency of my soul I bore
I found it in the acceptance of all of you
Hidden in your emerald eyes
It was in your scent
To breath you in was a pleasure I cannot express
I found it in your handwriting
The smooth fluid strokes
I imagined your small hands
Gripping the pen as you opened your spirit to me
Brushing the hair from your face
'Twas so soft like feathers of an exotic bird
Your voice, the songs of heaven to my ears
You were the orchestra and the conductor
The high crescendos and gentle whispers
I wont ever forget that love
Even though I told you I would
It will live with me until I leave this world
Nothing could make me relinquish it
That perfect memory of you
You were my shooting star
My only wish
You were my home
In a world full of monsters
You were my everything
You still are in a way that only I can know
I love you My Dear
And if you read this please know
You are still loved very deeply
My heart wont let you go
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