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Nathan Wells Feb 2022
Oh lucky me
I have my friends
I have beginnings
I have my ends
I have control
I have my head
I have my roof
My door and bed
Oh lucky me
I have been blessed
With time to work
And time to rest
Food to eat
And wine to drink
And time to just
Sit down and think
Oh lucky me
I have the love
Of my mother & father
And those above
I have their knowledge
When I fret
Because I ask
And so I get
Oh lucky me
I have so much
That I can just
Reach out and touch
And even though
This is all mine
There is more to come
How divine
Good to recognise every now and then, extremely easy to forget
Nathan Wells Jan 2020
tip top
right as rain
just like
every other day
Nathan Wells Jun 2017
if you listen hard enough
there's a buzzing,
it's this realm
doing it's thing,
and no matter what we do
to disturb it,
the buzzing will still buzz,
ring ring ring.
the buzzing has always
been there
and the buzzing will
never go,
it's in you, me,
the trees, the worms,
the sky and everything down below.
the buzzing is hard
to describe,
but you can feel it
if you try,
it's what connects everything
to everything else,
from way down low
to way up high.
the buzzing makes
things work,
and the buzzing keeps
us alive,
the buzzing shines sun
on our crops,
and rains on us so
we can thrive.
The buzzing was made
a long time ago,
by something or someone
that people call God
and some talk to the buzzing
and ask it things,
to which the buzz gives
a nod.
Don’t look too hard
for a reason
why something does
what it does,
everything just happens
because it happens
and they happen
because of the buzz.
the buzzing was there
before we were,
and before anything else
was too,
and when we're gone it'll just
look for something else
to send it's lovely
buzz through.
Nathan Wells May 2017
i had a dream that gravity stopped working,
and everyone was pulled from the ground.
away from their lives, their money, their loves,
their homes and everything they'd found,
and as they started to float upwards
towards the great big whatever
people started to cry and shouted never,
you're never gonna take me away from my things,
my life, my loves, my houses, my rings.
they held on to doorframes and buildings and trees
and some of them begged their god they said please
they said why are you doing this? they said i love you
they said i'll live life below you and never above you,
but no-one listened because no-one was there
and if there was it didn't look like he cared
so they came up crying and screaming
and they came up pleading and weeping.
some people said they could see heaven,
and angels with halos gleaming
and some people could see **** all but clouds
and realised life has **** all meaning
but no matter what we thought was happening,
and how we dealt with it in our heads
the same thing happened to every one of us,
we came up, lost oxygen and then we were dead.
but when we were getting higher
something started to happen,
people clung to eachother,
with human emotion and passion.
friends embracing friends
lovers embracing lovers
strangers embracing strangers
everyone embracing eachother.
no-one cared who they were holding,
or anything that they could have known
i didn't see one single person float
all the way to the top on their own
Nathan Wells Aug 2016
sometimes just sometimes
when i'm up i start to frown
because i start to wonder
if the up is worth the down
Nathan Wells May 2016
i sometimes have days
where i float in dreamy haze
and i'm having em
more and more often nowadays
i used to have days
where i felt lost in a maze
but i'm finding myself
more and more often nowadays
feelings are hard
I've felt all types of ways
But I'm feeling better
and better nowadays
and I find myself wondering
if the reason it stays
is cos I get high
more often nowadays
Nathan Wells May 2016
i feel the sun
and i'm slowly burning
but it feels good
so it's not concerning
no school
no learning
time is turning
joint burning
i wish i could live in the summer
where it's still warm when it gets dimmer
i wish i could live in the summer
where everythings tinged with a glimmer
i absolutely love summer, the sun puts me in such a good mood
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