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Feb 2019
You look like art
Male and female
Way beyond the veil
Hard yet soft
A drink and a cough
You're the up
When there is down
You're the sun
For ever moons around
Heat to the cold
Fire to ice
I'll  be your lover
Not once nor twice
You be my husband
I be your wife
We be together
No ***
No strife
Cause you are art
And I flow inside you
As life and all that is due
You be art
And I be you
We be one
Art is true
You be art

I'll be the art
You the muse
For me to bring to light
Only for me to use
I am the art
But you the inspiration
Taken to my blank canvas with much dedication
Delicate strokes
Paint a vivid picture of us from the mind
The art and inspiration
Two in a pair
One of a kind
I'll be the art
Neither feminine or masculine
You're the beauty I draw from deep within
You the muse
For me to bring to light
And only for me to use

A muse for you to use
A light
Beyond the shadows of night
You be art
I be light
We be one
In the moon
As her light
Im the secret
You long to keep
I'm the essence
That make you weak
You be art
I be muse
Your lust
Your passion
Your love
Never would I refuse
I be bright
You be brighter  
You be heavy
Making me lighter
Eclipse of the sun
Where you stay
I begun
You be fuse
I be muse
We be art

Nova St. Paul & Naomi Sa'Rai
Naomi Sa'Rai
Written by
Naomi Sa'Rai
     Fawn and Rich Hues
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