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Feb 2019
It was not love
That stayed me here
I need you to listen
Open mind be clear
Love never stayed me
Want kept me
With you
Flowers to the wind
Things I thought you knew
Want stayed me
By your side
Want of the life we've made together in our pride
Me wanting the life I had with you
Our beautiful children
And all the things that were in view
I wanted the life we worked hard for
I wanted you in spite of your *****
Ohh really
You thought I did'nt know
Lisa was your side piece
Your ever loving *****
She knew me too
I made it my business to let her know
You could never have this unless I let it go
It was want
Want for all I had with you
My past, my present yet not in view
But on today I give you back to you
I want you no more
I've found love
One that is true
I close the window
Set shade on I and you
Tell Lisa you're hers
walk in her view
Things I thought you knew

Nova St.Paul
Naomi Sa'Rai
Written by
Naomi Sa'Rai
   Rich Hues
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