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Feb 2019
For I was made not created
Carved from the very bone of you
Therefore you were deep inside me
Before I even knew
Your blood flows like a river through mine
As I'm sipped like wine at dinner time
Languid, slow
Breathe me in
Let lust take control
Famished and starved
Take my bread and eat ye all of it
Holy sacrament
Because we were made in his image
And HE died for our sins
I've bathed in your iniquities
Time and time again
For I was shaped in innocence
But my ***** contained original sin
You had me for three days
Felt like I'd died and arose 'gin
My worlds been in a drought
But the Father sent the rains
That brought a sensual flood about
Because we were made in his divinity
Fingers grasping, breath hitches as the world spins
Blurred visions of you
More than the trinity
I me and him
You he and we
Born flesh and infinity
Divine and humanity

Naomi Sa'Rai and Nova St.Paul
Naomi Sa'Rai
Written by
Naomi Sa'Rai
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