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Naomi Sa'Rai Jan 2019
I kissed you in the sunlight
We made love in the rain
I held you close
You pushed me away
I've opened up
There was no straight or gay
I was pink
You were blue
We made love it was true
We blew up
Black and purple
Made me **** on your blue

You caressed me under the pale moon
After we made love in the afternoon
You cuddled my entire being
I ran from everything I knew to be true
There was no gender
Only you and I
Me and you
Hands running through the red of your locks
Animalistic love making
Prowling like a fox
I was blue
Hands tangled in red
As i suckled, teethed and stuffed my mouth with everything you fed
Black and purple
Bruises above and below
The artistic connection of our beautiful souls
Naomi Sa'Rai Jan 2019
True love was never meant to be easy
Like a late night drive
Down a straight road
Often times it winds and turns
Even stops at tolls
The day you gave me the green light
I held your heart in my hand
We took it slow
I smiled with yellow teeth
And yielded everything to you

And you ran with me
Wind with no wings
Sand to dust
Dust to sky
Sky to me
You ****** on my relevance
We related to my intelligence
As a rose in the middle of the sand
No thorns yielded to man
No I'm as one with you
Face to face naked and in view
You take me and i emerge myself in you
We are one
What do you view
I'm a rose and sharon
I'm a rose in sharon
My exodus was you

Naomi Sa'Rai & Nova St. Paul
Naomi Sa'Rai Jan 2019
I love you
I love you beyond myself
I love you in and out of season
I love you so deep and without reason
You make me hot and cold at the same time
I want to slap you and kiss you
Lay me down and unwind
I'm open and I'm closed to you
I'm your yes you’re my taboo
You love me
I love you beyond yourself
You're deep into my essence
You make me cry because of your intellect
You've got me ******* on your intelligence
My wings are open
I'm wet with relevance
Now be careful
What you say to me

You love me
And I love I
I'm the center of your Earth
And the apple of my eye
I can be as cold as the winter
As I fall into your summer and bring about the spring
You love me beyond yourself?
I'm not even sure if I understand what that truly means
I want to delicately treat you rough
Lay you down for my pleasure
I'm selfish especially in this
You've tasted my mind
And the tip of my existence
Take me in deep
Shh quiet now don't speak..

I'll be quiet
Like an angel I wont weep
Wide open
You got me
Drop deep deep
I'm fading into all that is you
I surrender
There's  no one
There's no two
We are abstract
We live in taboo...

Nova St.Paul & Naomi Sa'Rai
Naomi Sa'Rai Jan 2019
If you want to be free just let me know
I love you enough to let you go
I just want to see you smile
In the moon
or in the sun
In the rain
Thats where we had our fun
I know that you care for me
And you know
That Im into you..but if you need to be free
Know that I love you enough to let you be

Written by Nova St. Paul
Naomi Sa'Rai Jan 2019
Icicle limbs
Frostbitten lips
Tell me if this darkness is as good as it gets?
No one said it would last a lifetime
I truly thought it would be hasty
Simply because this defeated broke down mind has been going crazy
Tell me if the abyss is any deeper than this?

I've searched through my vision and I thought my vision was a view
But i've come to realize that my vision was not in view
Icicle palaces
Rain and then there is sun
I've born my soul
Your flesh has won
You drink me like water
My tears are dew
But I'm so tired of yielding to you

Tell me if anything about us was true.
Antarctic shoulder that you gave
Put me in this despair I now name my grave
You chew me and spit me out
Bits and pieces of my heart on the floor
Glaciers become my feet.

Naomi Sa'Rai & Nova
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2016
The answer to your question is yes...
I will love you.
Now until you’re grey as ash.
I will love you into the future and beyond your past.
Even when passion, pleasure, and pain do not last...our love will be everlasting as the sun and moon.
I'll rise to any occasion and spread warmth within your soul, whilst being dark as the nights sky.
I'll be the knight in your eye.
As the sun and moon...
I will love you as I have since I noticed it first bloom.
The feeling was unnatural to me...but hands against hands, hearts connected and tangled like vines quickly changed my mind in no time.
I will love you even if you aren't mine.
Yes if someone can love you better, they are welcome to try, but I have loved you without bounds or lies.
I will love you with happiness or tears within my eyes.
I will love you because loving you comes as easy as my breath...I do it and do not notice or wonder why.
I will love you now and forever...until the day i die.
Naomi Sa'Rai Aug 2015
If ever I kissed you..
You'd spit in my face
Because that's the kind of person you are...
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