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  Jul 2015 Murphy Lynne

one thought
one name
one love
Murphy Lynne Jan 2015
The blade
Creeps in my mind
Every once in awhile
Comforting sensation
When i don't want to feel
I don't feel the need
As often anymore
My ED helps me now
I know that's not the way to go either
How to be normal?
Don't know such a concept
Relating to my emotions
These are my security blankets
I need them to keep my alive
I knew a girl who liked to draw,
she drew pictures that nobody saw.
She was most artistic late at night,
in the bedroom, out of sight.
She kept it a secret, without giving any clues,
not a soul knew, and her gallery grew and grew.
It was a different kind of art, no paper or pen,
but needed some stitches or bandage now and again.
I took her to the dark and murky river,
which reminded me of my life.
It was then when she rolled up his sleeves,
and showed me her scars with embarrassed eyes.
I laughed at Irony,  and rolled mine up too,
"I draw as well", i whispered and stood.
Taking her hand, we jumped into the river,
and  rain of white feathers fell.
That's when the demons quited,
and the river turned clear  as the sun rose up ahead.
Murphy Lynne Jan 2015
Stop the world
For just a few days
So i can get a grasp
On what i'm supposed
To be doing in this crazy
Unpredictable world
Murphy Lynne Jan 2015
Quality over quantity
Always has been my motto
Forever and always
Love your friends for who they are
Rather than wishing for something more
Keep your friends close
So they don't have a opportunity
To slip away
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