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Sep 2018 · 232
Too Late? (palindrome)
mrslilboo Sep 2018
apologies often come late
like dangerous words
serene vibe delicate
behavior sealed
our collaboration
collaboration our
sealed behavior
delicate vibe serene
words dangerous like
late come often apologies
Aug 2018 · 93
Blazing Moon
mrslilboo Aug 2018
sentimental words with tender touch combustible chemistry between us
you can run  but you’ll never hide
only woman to keep you satisfied

remember how devoured every biter?
groaning and panting into the night
dreamt about body all the way home
mad skills ticked your erogenous zone

best believe always bring my a game
****** stimulate, hormones go insane
go ahead and play high school games
nails down back pleasure equals pain

sensual freedom I’m the very best
ride hard , baby expect nothing less
goddess in the sack make no mistake sweaty body banging watch hips gyrate

lipstick in  bright cherry red
your supplier time to bed
body wide open to explore
fire extinguisher by the door

tonight lay back and just enjoy
special treat for a good ***** boy
miles apart synchronize, & swoon
connected, two bodies one moon
Aug 2018 · 94
You haf a good Woman
mrslilboo Aug 2018
bruised heart so familiar
promises don’t you dare
thought you’d break me
but look i’m standing there

me myself and i you see?
did what said you’d never
fake fairytale pipe dreams
happily ever after & forever

gave you everything i had
overnight became my world
apathy broke my loyal heart
haven’t broke tenacious girl

because i will rise once again
one day see with acute acuity
realize that you had the one
good woman stood beside me

a rare diamond in the rough
woman supportive & strong
who  out of pure love for you
faithful,held on far too long

drowning can barely breathe
arrived at wits end,the brink
fight clawing & scratching  
as you just watched me sink
Aug 2018 · 231
His Eyes
mrslilboo Aug 2018
eyes bright blue like diamonds
captured light from the moon
duo spent hot blooded nights
smoldering fun ended so soon
unprepared to let go that night
dread saying farewell to the sun
decided to spend ourlife together
the greatest love has just begun
Aug 2018 · 69
mrslilboo Aug 2018
soul was born on the shore of your eyes in mourning
treacherous feeling, that comes without warning

in a star studded silken dreams he’s here with me
trade it all to go back to the way it use to be

farewell to cash,clout,and luxurious amenities
for one moment  of his arms wrapped around me

Safe cocoon of his smile moves me irreversibly
beats the gut wrenching, blood curdling  pain inside of me

dreams that exists in movies, books,  and fairytales
my dragon slayer, convinced  that true love prevails

devastating moments like this can’t be explained
someday your heart  shall call  out my name

Because they’re connected
Two Forlorn lovers now hopelessly neglected

why did you leave me? promised you’d never quit
my life preserver through all the *******

piece of me dies  daily since  he faded from view
until the day  I die I'd wait for you

The only man i ever wanted to stay, but he too turned and walked away
Not fair
Jul 2018 · 95
mrslilboo Jul 2018
we all want the things
that we can't  have
crave it, hate it, love it
drives you freaking mad!
naughty  it's old hat
i ain't no beginner
find life  more exciting
being a filthy sinner
Jul 2018 · 183
Graveyard Tunes
mrslilboo Jul 2018
eeerie lake in the grave yard
where sad  girl finds sanctuary home to her among the deceased cold comfort in the  dark cemetery

play melancholy songs on guitar
to hard  bones deep underground
unimportant the dead are quiet
phantasmic beings dance all around

the lake swirls beneath skull moon
crows flew hungrily in onyx skies
corpses became very fond of her watched darkness grow in her eyes

often  tried to leave the safety there
night after night tune after tune
sad girl would come back
until lifeless bones were exhumed
Jul 2018 · 561
mrslilboo Jul 2018
honey, often i think of you
how special you are to me
lost within a single breath
the dreams that could be

just  a few short years ago
showed  how to love again
promises in for the long haul
you and i to the bitter end

i’ll  help you face your fears
however painful they may be
your my love , my life you’ve
found a  best friend  in me

prince the one who mended
this broken heart it’s true
allowed me to believe  in love
attribute so much joy to you

my beautiful man “gets me”
realize not a simple task
dream  of growing  old
our loves built to last

believe in us baby we can
make it to our someday
never said would be easy
together we’ll find our way

unimaginable world without you
when your weak ill be strong
every  poem penned for you
my version of a love song

you are the only one for me
born to be your special girl
love you more than anything  
in this  whole entire world

honey, don’t leave me now
words simply can’t convey
damage would be lifelong
please don’t walk away
Depression is stealing the love of my life

— The End —