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Aug 2018
soul was born on the shore of your eyes in mourning
treacherous feeling, that comes without warning

in a star studded silken dreams he’s here with me
trade it all to go back to the way it use to be

farewell to cash,clout,and luxurious amenities
for one moment  of his arms wrapped around me

Safe cocoon of his smile moves me irreversibly
beats the gut wrenching, blood curdling  pain inside of me

dreams that exists in movies, books,  and fairytales
my dragon slayer, convinced  that true love prevails

devastating moments like this can’t be explained
someday your heart  shall call  out my name

Because they’re connected
Two Forlorn lovers now hopelessly neglected

why did you leave me? promised you’d never quit
my life preserver through all the *******

piece of me dies  daily since  he faded from view
until the day  I die I'd wait for you

The only man i ever wanted to stay, but he too turned and walked away
Not fair
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