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Everything is large when you look at right.
The right angle of perspective doesn’t make it right.

Atonement is beyond your grasp.
Colorful sins creep by your gaze like an Asp.

You eat the mud the fool told you would heal.
But just because the fool says, doesn’t make it real.

It’s all evil over the trees, says the wrong God.
You breed living water, and call it a façade.

It’s all too bizarre, the though will never end.
It is your life, but is for others to condescend.

It is always in the night, the living water haunts.
It wasn’t God or foe that did this, but it is what you flaunt.

From which dreams will you choose to portray,
The God you though you had, never went away.
Woman, Hear my cries.
Woman, here she lies
Woman, don’t turn away
Woman, So powerful are they.

With your haunting eyes
And your seductive ways
Only you can match
The game he plays

You can make it end
A sway of your hips
I swear lord
This is just one bad trip

Woman, hear my cries
Woman, here she lies
Woman, don’t turn away
Woman, so powerful are they

All you have to do,
Is work a little bit
Of your natural juju
The man is down with it

Fire in your fingertips
Heavens known in your lips
Won’t you cast your magical spell
Honey it will do us all well

Woman, Hear my cries.
Woman, here she lies
Woman, don’t turn away
Woman, So powerful are they.

Baby you can put them in their grave
Those ****, worthless knaves
Thanked by a woman’s generation
No more silent contemplations.

Yeah it’s safe for all.
Come listen to the woman’s call.
Clad in only her leather black.
Only till she’s needed will she come back.

Woman, Hear my cries.
Woman, here she lies
Woman, don’t turn away
Woman, So powerful are they.
Not anymore Babydoll.
It’s so transparent above the shadows,
We could create invisible pictures in the dark.
Our morals have reached new lows.
Our immortal sins leave their mark.

Words! They circle the night air.
The phrases and sentences take their place.
Heavy wind makes the ozone tear.
Danger in this world has a new place

In the alleys, dank cats suffer a tomb.
But the decree is final, the King has won.
This place, Earth, is your new doom.
Life kind of *****, now that there is now fun.

Weird and red against the mists,
An uncomfortable silence fills your mind,
Without the words and long poetic lists,
A dark cover falls on this books bind.
“Mommy, Mommy!” The little girl cried.
“Mommy, Mommy, its story time.”

“Little girl, you wish me to tell you,
All the tales of glee they say aren’t true.

I’ll tell you a tale,
About the ferocious dragons golden scale.

I’ll tell you a story,
About the princes undying glory.

I’ll tell you about a time,
When there were no nursery rhymes.

I’ll tell you about a little boy,
Playing with his shiny new toy.

I’ll tell you about a little girl,
Whose house flew away in a tornado whirl.

See for yourself,
The smallest little elf.

Ride the wind,
And let the games begin.

Surf with the whales,
By God girl, I will give you a tale.

Some people say it isn’t so,
Tell me yourself, and look out your window.”
Rest assured by the sandy shore,
A wee lass, pines her love on the moor.

Leave her ‘lone ‘till the ‘morrow,
And let the wee lass release her sorrow.

Her Child's cry from within thy womb,
Darkened, double bairn in her bodies room.

Och, the lasses pain will remain,
But her mans e’er lasting love will keep her sane.

Bein’ glad for the child,
‘Twill be hard to consume her wild.
Take her by the reigns,
Whisper in her ear.
Silence your pride, have no shame.
Ride her again, go on year by year.

Caress her soft mane,
Utter her intimate praise.
Sweeter than the warm rain.
Love her, in passion induced craze.

Cup your thighs tightly,
And hold on for the ride.
Repeat your love, reveal the insight.
Roar like the master of the pride.

Gallop your way across the plains,
Similar to the love you both share.
Neither of your existence can be called bane.
The question is no longer when, but where?

Ride the wind,
Sound your inexplicable joy,
Let natures game begin,
And unfold her hidden ploy.

Your thoughts together,
They will always dwell.
This life can only get better.
None of your mares have ever ridden quite this well.
Cool nights, breathe upon
The dark lover’s lips.
Glisten will you, the moons song
Graze the horizon, scan for the sunken ships.

Wait would he, upon ghostly moors,
A passionate feeling arose in his chest,
Within closed eyes, he poured
Content with the image of her lovely *******

Minutes, upon hours, upon days it seemed
He waited quietly, silently for her,
Until the heart stopping moment,
at which he heard her screams.

He ran fast and far, searching for sure.
Upon her, he soon arrived
A sad ****** mangle her body was.
*****, broken, and beaten to death, it was there she died.

A random target, for fun, just because.
Not only a lover, but a loving friend he had lost,
Down he went, on his knees he cried.
He lay beside her, curled around her;

He knew what her love had cost.
Down he lay forevermore,
Down he lay till the second he, too, died.
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