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May 2010
Cool nights, breathe upon
The dark lover’s lips.
Glisten will you, the moons song
Graze the horizon, scan for the sunken ships.

Wait would he, upon ghostly moors,
A passionate feeling arose in his chest,
Within closed eyes, he poured
Content with the image of her lovely *******

Minutes, upon hours, upon days it seemed
He waited quietly, silently for her,
Until the heart stopping moment,
at which he heard her screams.

He ran fast and far, searching for sure.
Upon her, he soon arrived
A sad ****** mangle her body was.
*****, broken, and beaten to death, it was there she died.

A random target, for fun, just because.
Not only a lover, but a loving friend he had lost,
Down he went, on his knees he cried.
He lay beside her, curled around her;

He knew what her love had cost.
Down he lay forevermore,
Down he lay till the second he, too, died.
Morrigan LaFaye King
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