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May 2010
“Mommy, Mommy!” The little girl cried.
“Mommy, Mommy, its story time.”

“Little girl, you wish me to tell you,
All the tales of glee they say aren’t true.

I’ll tell you a tale,
About the ferocious dragons golden scale.

I’ll tell you a story,
About the princes undying glory.

I’ll tell you about a time,
When there were no nursery rhymes.

I’ll tell you about a little boy,
Playing with his shiny new toy.

I’ll tell you about a little girl,
Whose house flew away in a tornado whirl.

See for yourself,
The smallest little elf.

Ride the wind,
And let the games begin.

Surf with the whales,
By God girl, I will give you a tale.

Some people say it isn’t so,
Tell me yourself, and look out your window.”
Morrigan LaFaye King
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