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May 2010
Take her by the reigns,
Whisper in her ear.
Silence your pride, have no shame.
Ride her again, go on year by year.

Caress her soft mane,
Utter her intimate praise.
Sweeter than the warm rain.
Love her, in passion induced craze.

Cup your thighs tightly,
And hold on for the ride.
Repeat your love, reveal the insight.
Roar like the master of the pride.

Gallop your way across the plains,
Similar to the love you both share.
Neither of your existence can be called bane.
The question is no longer when, but where?

Ride the wind,
Sound your inexplicable joy,
Let natures game begin,
And unfold her hidden ploy.

Your thoughts together,
They will always dwell.
This life can only get better.
None of your mares have ever ridden quite this well.
Morrigan LaFaye King
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