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8.8k · May 2010
Subtle vibrations.
Exquisite sensations.
A near perfect nirvana.
Cleansing us like a sauna.
Despite our bodies being of olden.
Inside our bodies are golden.
A swirl of red.
In a cloud, this is our bed.
A force to call your own.
You body has reaped what it has sown.
5.7k · May 2010
You and I are a starry match.
Astronomers throughout the ages have known why.
According to them, you are quite the catch
You are my darling Gemini.

We are both always on the move,
We both have multiple personalities,
We two are like a bump and a groove.
We both hate being brought down to a fake reality.

A great match, deep down at heart.
You and me, Gemini and Sagittarius,
It’s a fantastic start.
The only thing better is a ****** Aquarius.

Oh, why did the angels cry?
We are meant to be, you and I.
From the heavens, we hear the exasperated sigh.
We are meant to be, my loving sweet Gemini.
3.3k · May 2010
Ode To Snow
Ode to snow,
There is nowhere to go.

A white blanket on the ground,
Falling softly, without a sound.

The unique pristine flakes,
No reproductions or fakes.

It’s a great day to curl up.
And hold a nice warm cup.

Its great to just sit and watch movies,
I enjoy this, very much, very truly.

There is nothing to do,
Yes I know, it’s quite true.

For a day everything stops,
Because of these delicate frozen drops.

I lover this fantastic, frozen weather.
Stuck in one spot, by a chilly tether.
3.1k · May 2010
A treasure much more precious than gold.
Take her in your arms,
And carry her across the threshold.

This magical, unpredictable night.
Anything can happen.
Two bound lovers, take their first full flight.

If done properly, and by God it should,
It should only hurt her a little.
And after that it feels really good.

Body and law, can finally intertwine,
A tangle of bed sheets.
Something this great, it’s only a sign.

You know you are never going to sleep.
But you will bump the stars.
This is a memory you will always keep.

Finally, when exhaustion takes over.
Last thing you do is kiss her.
To you, she is as sweet as honey clover.

After the fireworks cease and desist.
And eventually they will.
You have your spouse, to forever help and assist.
2.6k · Apr 2011
You walk by and it hits me
Like a brick wall.
It is subtle, yet powerful.
It washes over me making
that warm spot in my lower belly
even warmer, yet it sends chills
and shivers down my spine.
Spicy and dark, it hints
at a hidden passion.
The darkly seductive ***-god
that women so desire.
But a hint of your day,
only makes you more human
and approachable.
Autumn waves over me
months too soon.
All because you carry the
crisp leaves in your skin.
You are palpable and delicious
and sweet and cool to the touch.
Hold me now, or I fear
I might never let you go.
2.0k · May 2010
Perfect Man
He is smart
He knows how to articulate his thoughts
He knows who I am as a person
He knows Shakespeare
He quotes Shakespeare
He is someone I can share an awkward silence with comfortably
He is preferably Scottish
He is proud
He perseveres
He has principles
He is knowledgeable
He is open-minded
He is a risk-taker
He is optimistic
He is an inquirer
He is preferably a gemini, libra, aquarius or leo
He likes to read a lot
He is reflective
He is handsome (to my standards)
He has dark brown, wild, wavy hair
He has insightful eyes
He has dark brown eyes
He is insightful
He is caring
He is faithful
He sings
He dances
He plays almost every musical instrument under the sun
He is confident
He is self-assured
He is outspoken
He is bold
He is not afraid t0 show emotion
He wears his heart on his sleeve
He laughs everyday
He has a crooked, sweet smile
He has dreams
He has aspirations in life
He has goals
He has his life planned in a general outline
He is safe
He is prepared
He is spontaneous
He calls me beautiful instead of ****
He doesn't snore
He brings out my more intimate side
He is not my *****
He can play rough with me and not hurt me
He knows that I am not fragile
He knows that the only part of me that I cared if he broke it would be my heart
He is honest
He doesn't hide anything from me
He respects my privacy
He is not possessive, jealous, or overbearing
He lets my have my space when I need it
He respects me as a woman
He respects me as a lover
He respects me as a Human Being
He can clearly define love and what it means to him, and I agree
He doesn't base the strength of our relationship on ***
He does not push me into doing things I do not want to do
He has and recognizes that he has past lives
He is an old soul
He is one and at peace with his surroundings
He is spiritual
He is good
He is a healer
He believes in Magic
He believes in hope
He believes in justice
He stands his ground in a fight
He knows when to say NO
He comes with emotional baggage we can solve together
He depends on me as much as I depend on him
He can kick any ones *** in a fight
He is willing to admit his mistakes
He is not afraid to apologize to me for anything
He is willing to change for the better
We connect on a deep level
He has and recognizes that he has psychic powers
He is smart when under the influence
He uses his God-given brain
He uses common sense
He is perfect for me.
1.9k · May 2010
The Female Mind
A gloom night looms, inside her sweet dark tresses,
No one thing survives the trippy nerved crevices,
No one knows what shadowed secrets, she suppresses.
1.9k · May 2010
I’m so tired of men just looking at my chest
I wish that some would just
Take a hint and give it a rest

Once a month I turn evil
I rage I cry I laugh and more
My hormones just going out of control

Im so tired of men just caring about my chest
Go *******
It’s just ***
1.8k · Apr 2011
The Killer in Me
The killer in me whispers to me now.
Nocturnal urges creep up too.
Inspired by the musical chorus of How?
The killer in me sees it all to true.

I don't know why. I don't know how.
But the killer in me wants to **** you.
A bemused idea really. A psychopathic vow.
All I know, is it is there, I know it's true.

How poetic, romantic it is, really I must insist.
An emotion, an urge being all on its own.
The reasons of allurement I cannot list.
Why I should be the one, on this throne.

The killer in me, sees with cynical eyes.
She knows the beauty of the Death.
And grants the victim an indulgence through lies.
Sees, understands the gift, the favor, of every breath.

I am the killer that observes the light leave,
That takes no remorse in wrong, exciting deeds.
I watch the sick, unseemly fantasy I weave.
I know it is the killer in me that yearns and needs.

The killer in me says that it is perfectly, consummately OK.
The fundamental guidelines do not apply to us as one.
This is the way we are, our prevalent, primal way.
This is how we quiet the voices, this is how its done.

Cold and precise and splendid, the killer is an artist.
Taking pride in her work, making it true craft.
"The killer in me will never surface." I insist.
But when I said that, she just smiled and laughed.
1.8k · May 2010
I'm Not Perfect
It’s not unknown, I’m not perfect.
And I doubt I am the only suspect.

Yes, when it comes down to, I’m a little fat.
Take this stand with others; we can’t have any of that.

Down to the nitty gritty,
I’m not all that pretty.

And I guess when you start to think,
My words all come out in an eyes blink.

Apparently, I am much too straightforward.
It’s better than sullen, sour peevish and forward.

I’m told I'm much to cynical,
It’s not my pedestal, nor my pinnacle.

I’m definitely not that girl,
Who in her hair has that perfect curl?

But in all my imperfection, there is purity.
Just don’t make me call the security.
1.8k · May 2010
The Old House Groans
The old house groans
The old house moans
It moves, it creaks
What new leaks will we expect this week?

The lady in white says…
“This house is alive.”

The attic breathes
The basement feeds
The kitchen dines
The old staircase whines.

The lady in white says…
“This house lives.”

The windows are crying
The doors are scrying
The floors walk
And the ceilings talk.

The lady in white says…
“This house is your soul.”
1.5k · May 2010
A God bless you, to all my teachers.
I know it was hard,
But you definitely managed to reach her.

In  Gupton's Math,
You managed to make me laugh
When the rest of them wouldn't dare cross your path.

In  Lotvedt's Social Studies
It was hard staying awake
But I think I managed to make us buddies.

In Phibbs' Science
I learned a little about my body,
and you taught us a little self reliance.

In Vinger's Writing,
you had a great sense of humor
and managed to teach me the art of citing.

In McLeod's Reading,
The place I loved and learned the most
I learned to put my trust in the love of succeeding
The nine months of unbearable displeasure,
Are all of a sudden worth it when you see this treasure.

The feeling of holding her in your arms at last,
The joyous emotion will never dare to pass.

You get to watch her grow, just as you did.
You would give your eternal soul for her, your life you would bid.

Trials and tribulations come with the joys of puberty.
A wider respect for your parent’s patience with you, soon to be.

You want to hug her and spank her, whenever she dares sass.
Quick witted, smart, and more than sometimes stubborn as an ***.

But she comes to you when she needs to cry on a shoulder,
You want her to stay with you and never get any older.

Sometimes you lose your mind over the protesting, angsty screams.
Still the love in your heart makes it burst at the seams.

But soon enough she is out of the house and into school.
Sometimes you feel like your experiencing life’s crueler rule.

You have come to be disheveled when you go through life without her.
You don’t know what to do. But you are still her mother.

Remembering back on the old days, when life was a real mess,
You will always love her, nonetheless.

This is the feeling of maternal love,
Towards your precious gift, sent from up above.
1.4k · May 2010
Pencil And Pen
The white parchment has nothing on it
No poetry to add,
Nor the story of a bleeding comet.

This writer’s block, it used to be bad.
Things go from bad to worse.
The paper beneath my hand feels sad.

Should I start with the rolling of a Hirsch,
Or should I resort to a sonnet?
Either way my pen is about to burst.

I can picture the lady, wearing her summer bonnet.
Brushing away another shadow’s kiss.
The pain of her life, painted clearly on it.

Only one more thing, will this picture miss.
It’s the pleasure of the pain,
While cupids taking a ****.

There is a difference, now and then.
Then you could taste the rain.
Now its just me, my pencil, and my pen.
1.3k · May 2010
Insomnia of Insanity
Don’t let me sleep
It’s all I pray of you
Don’t let the monsters
Come back to scream and weep
In my ear
Just please don’t let me sleep

If you do, it all comes back
The screaming, the pleading
My hell, everything’s going black
All in my web of insomnia
Of my insanity

My sanity or lack thereof
Was a short trip to lose?
It only could have been
A simple year or two
That’s my insomnia of insanity

Tricked by the light
Let loose in the night
I have to shay away from
All that is and will be bright

Calling me yours
Was your last mistake
And now look at me
I’m a wreck
I’m about to break

I could say it was all you
But that would not be fair
No, all of you are to blame
And I will pass my judgment
On all of you

Killing me softly
Killing me you’ll see
Is what has brought
On my insomnia
Of insanity

And now you lay me
Down to sleep
That little white pill
Taking effect
Chained to a bed
Shrouded in white

For this, no,
This time I might not wake up
Sunsets slowly set in the sunny sordid setting.
The moon makes many maidens mourn and weep for their mothers.
Colorful characters caress their Childs cradle.
New Orleans never knew the naughty things of the night.
1.3k · May 2010
Crying out loud
******* inside
Hearing my own sound
Sanity denied

True calling made sane
Seeing others fate
Now its me true calling to be

Shrouded in white
In a blackened haze
Only bits and pieces
Will remain

Fist in fury
Padded walls work well
Get me the hell out
Right ******* now

Slowly going mad
Life slipping away
Blood coming back
And I think its here to stay
1.3k · Aug 2010
To be defined as
Conforming to standard
To be just like any other *******
This is what is to be pandered
The good name ‘Unique’ is slandered
To be gerrymandered,
Nonstandard, and substandard

To be normal?

Referring to the common type
To understand ordinary hype
To be stereotyped
To have a good reason to gripe

To be normal?

To be defined as only average
To live in societies cage
To suffer such rage
Looking for love on an empty page
Missing out on a golden age

To be normal?

Bound in law isn’t free
Conforming to minor guarantee
To pay life’s admission fee
If I were you, the joke is on me
Normal isn’t what you should be
1.3k · Jun 2010
Woman, Hear my cries.
Woman, here she lies
Woman, don’t turn away
Woman, So powerful are they.

With your haunting eyes
And your seductive ways
Only you can match
The game he plays

You can make it end
A sway of your hips
I swear lord
This is just one bad trip

Woman, hear my cries
Woman, here she lies
Woman, don’t turn away
Woman, so powerful are they

All you have to do,
Is work a little bit
Of your natural juju
The man is down with it

Fire in your fingertips
Heavens known in your lips
Won’t you cast your magical spell
Honey it will do us all well

Woman, Hear my cries.
Woman, here she lies
Woman, don’t turn away
Woman, So powerful are they.

Baby you can put them in their grave
Those ****, worthless knaves
Thanked by a woman’s generation
No more silent contemplations.

Yeah it’s safe for all.
Come listen to the woman’s call.
Clad in only her leather black.
Only till she’s needed will she come back.

Woman, Hear my cries.
Woman, here she lies
Woman, don’t turn away
Woman, So powerful are they.
Not anymore Babydoll.
1.1k · May 2010
The Rooster's Crow
I’m in love,
Help my soul arise.
I need a little help from above.
Little girl, keep your eyes on the prize.

How do I rise?
To the top of the roosters crow?
Look into my eyes,
Tell me the truth, just like so.

I hoped to hell the angels heard
My sweet and innocent request.
I hoped they told that little bird
That I’m willing to put my faith to the test.

My deepest desires just happened to come true,
The angels really heard.
And I couldn’t be more in love with you,
I’m so glad they listened to that little bird.

Loud and clear, I hear them say
“Always be who you wanted to be.
Don’t let your love fly astray,
This evidence, don’t you see?”

These are the days of my life.
These days were grand
These are the days I learned to stand.

These are the days of my life.
These days were grand
These are the days I learned to stand.
1.1k · May 2010
Gypsy Mine
Torture ahead, I see my child
Into my crystal ball, I do
I see the grim my child
Quickly, fast, go run home
1.1k · Apr 2011
You are no more here
Than I am there.
Keep the red bugs for yourself.
I don't want to be there
Trapped in this plaster box.
I have the key,
I just need to learn how to use it.
Freedom has its price,
One that puts us in chains.
I would rather be roaming the world,
Releasing inexplicable emotion,
Feeling the rawness of humanity.
To see it at its best and its worst.
But where i am, my keeper wont let
The worst come and teach me a lesson.
1.0k · Aug 2010
Happy the Way That I Am
I don’t want to feel
I don’t want to know what is real
There is no reason to conceal
It is all so surreal
It is all so beautifully unreal
I like it that way
And no, you don’t have a say
Keep your opinions at bay
My life is not for you to display
I will not take this or obey
I am happy the way that I am
Isn’t that enough for you
Do you have to make me suffer too?
Along with you and you and you
This is all I ever knew
I swear it’s true
You say I can’t be happy the way I am
But I beg to differ and say I can
I refuse to be your preliminary exam
Because quite frankly I don’t give a ****
Don’t you see what you put me through?
I am worthy of this taboo
What say you?
Because I say “Adieu”
1.0k · May 2010
Knight in Shining Armor
A mournful air beyond the fog,
Death can meet among the poisonous rubes,
Beyond the trees and past the deformed log.

The Knight in Shining Armor comes to save the day.
Bearing healing potions from afar in pewter tubes,
But he is much too late; the Fool has already faded away.

His tears are many, for the loss of a brother,
They are heavy and murky against the dreamscape.
Now for his revenge, he seeks a strange other.

On his new, and strangely enlightened quest,
He feels transparent ghouls kissing his nape
Little does he know it is the sign of a Witches test.

Maneuvering among the empty placed grave,
He keeps his hopes on a looming tower.
He approaches his becoming of an honest knave.

He must be quick and tighten his saddle,
Because a pursuing evil is a deadly power,
And this Knight in Armor must be ready for battle.

The danger of our Knight is not known to man.
To survive, the he must unlearn his past.
This evil he faces is formulating a plan.

The towers close in as he passes their gates.
A spicy chill, creeps up the Knights spine,
And he finally grasps the terror of what awaits.

Inside his mind, he questions going back.
But dismisses the though as a man on wine.
He secretly knows this creature is on his track.

As he pushes himself onward,
He reminisces on his brother, and his life.
The only defining thought for him is froward.

He takes his final turn around the final corridor,
Quick on his feet and ready with his knife.
At first sight, he though his vision must have been poor.

A woman whose beauty surpassed any he had ever seen,
Stood with her naked eyes set firmly on him.
This was the witch who had killed all he had been.

Unable to take the life of any woman,
The soldier took a last and final look
And plunged the knife into his abdomen.

The beautiful witch had won yet another soul,
She knew why it was his life she took.
Never mind the Fool, the Knight had been her goal.
905 · May 2010
Grain Of Salt
The saying goes a little like this,
Take everything with a grain of salt.
The meaning is hard to miss.
But what they don't know, is that it wasn't my fault.

To accept but maintain
A degree of skepticism about its truth.
The line is a long misunderstood train.
But when over-used, the meaning is moot.
882 · May 2010
Anima Vouta
Always and forever
Never more, never the less
Incarnate, immortal
Mortals tremble with fear
Awestruck gasps are the last thing you utter

Vampiros, Nosferatu, devil spawn, vampire
One mind, a million bodies
Unknown, you were right to be afraid of the dark
Traitor of God, of nature
Always watch your back…
To make sure the Anima Vouta are not coming after you!
877 · May 2010
Global Warming
People, people, what have you to say,
In response to your naïve, ignorant way.

How many times does Mother Earth,
Have to teach you your lesson, and retract her Mirth

Why don’t you listen to Father Sky?
Your contraptions are causing him to say “Goodbye.”

You cannot recognize that Brother Water,
Is leaving from us, farther and farther.

Sister Willow, she very plainly weeps.
Her drooping, graceful leave have fallen to eternal sleep.

It’s our life, our own precious home we choose to ****.
Universal tears weep, if we had only followed natures will.
874 · May 2010
The Mask
She wears a mask,
To hide within herself.
There is no need to ask,
For everyone ignores her cry for help.

All the hatred inside,
Locked in bond with the loss.
Only singing emotion can abide.
No one can see her tears gloss.

The mask says “Hello!”
Here eyes say goodbye,
Nothing is what the mask shows.
Because deep inside, she cries.

“Is there anyone out there,
That is anything like me?”
But thru the mask, no one could hear.
She was all she could ever be.

The mask won't come off,
No matter how hard she tries.
Surveyors will laugh and scoff.
But the true story is in her eyes.

Sooner or later, you will see,
The loneliness hidden behind the mask,
Everyone seems so happy,
And my dear, this is no easy task.

“Why can’t I be like that?”
She tries to call for help,
But to them she is only a number stat.
Or a worthless, depressed whelp.

She sees no one who looks like her,
On her knees she asks,
Why she is this way forever.
But her only reply was a roomful of masks.
816 · May 2010
I sit here in the dark
Thinking, wondering
Where I should put the mark

With a knife in hand
I’m thinking back on life
My fathers chant
Running through my head
I only ran…away

I make the cut upon my thigh
The pain and blood act as my high

A few years later
When my shame is healed
A vile and cruel comment
Breaks through my built
Up shield.
790 · May 2010
Ride The Wind
Take her by the reigns,
Whisper in her ear.
Silence your pride, have no shame.
Ride her again, go on year by year.

Caress her soft mane,
Utter her intimate praise.
Sweeter than the warm rain.
Love her, in passion induced craze.

Cup your thighs tightly,
And hold on for the ride.
Repeat your love, reveal the insight.
Roar like the master of the pride.

Gallop your way across the plains,
Similar to the love you both share.
Neither of your existence can be called bane.
The question is no longer when, but where?

Ride the wind,
Sound your inexplicable joy,
Let natures game begin,
And unfold her hidden ploy.

Your thoughts together,
They will always dwell.
This life can only get better.
None of your mares have ever ridden quite this well.
766 · May 2010
Assume Nothing
Our lives once again collide.
We are forced to work together, side by side.

After a few hours, I can see you aren’t so bad.
After all there are those worse that I have had.

I never knew that you could be so funny.
Do you want to come home with me Honey?

I didn’t realize you would be so great.
Good grief. I hope he is straight.

How could you have been so perfect?
If I was that way, I could only suspect.

No, you are the one for me.
As for the relationship…we will see.
766 · May 2010
Scars are there to remind us of memories,
Painful, harsh, depressing, or not.
They are there for us to ponder, and give thought.

These scars are there to forget what we went through,
But still bear the marks and scorns of time.
Their phosphorescent glow, they seem to shine.

A way to bring us back down to reality,
A way to resemble the past,
What dark shadows and thoughts we have cast.

Accidental, mutilations, carefree times of glee,
These scars are the price we pay,
And memories of what our body has to say.
758 · May 2010
Societies Burden
When walking down the hall today,
I heard that only the Worst deserve the Best.
Why do the Best never have a say?
Can’t the Worst stop their ways, and give it a rest?
Why are the Best stuck to take the arrows and scorns?
And deal with the Worst because it is a birthright.
Why do they deal with this so calm. These sad thorns.
The opinions of the Best are so often contrite.
How many will withstand their silence in suffering.
The Worst have made their impression.
Words have always been baffling.
The Worst are the reason for this terrible recession.
741 · May 2010
Prove Your Salvation
Have you ever been in darkness, when there was light?
Just because you do something, doesn’t make it right.

But if you walk in the light as ‘He” would be,
You are blessed, and released from the good and evil tree.

If we truly belong to him in our hearts,
By no other “savior” are we given so many starts.

There is no darkness in light, or is there?
Everything becomes right when we bow before him in a jeweled chair.

The way we live our life, shows as proof.
Live like ‘He’ does. Don’t remain naïve and aloof.

Which side do you walk on?
Which side makes your soul strong?

An oxymoron, dark and light. They can’t be together.
Don’t be held in place by sins tempting tether.
708 · May 2010
Doomed Literature
It’s so transparent above the shadows,
We could create invisible pictures in the dark.
Our morals have reached new lows.
Our immortal sins leave their mark.

Words! They circle the night air.
The phrases and sentences take their place.
Heavy wind makes the ozone tear.
Danger in this world has a new place

In the alleys, dank cats suffer a tomb.
But the decree is final, the King has won.
This place, Earth, is your new doom.
Life kind of *****, now that there is now fun.

Weird and red against the mists,
An uncomfortable silence fills your mind,
Without the words and long poetic lists,
A dark cover falls on this books bind.
704 · May 2010
Deadly Immortal Innocence
The purple grass sways in the quiet wind.
The blue moon whispers its way around the bend.
The silent cicadas wait in their huts.
This is a place where the nights never end.

The dry rain keeps all inhabitants warm.
The never-ending roads lead their way to nevarland.
The rich smiling willow swerves her dance.
The nearest nymph takes the nearest hand.

No grown ups are allowed, not even some man children.
This is the perfect place where innocence can roam.
To the fairy folk they use this as a place of trance.
To them it is a place called ‘Home Sweet Home’.

Here is a place where the weary are never tired.
Where the spiteful sprites fulfill their games.
And the trolls are merry with all of the fun.
And the poor children are not cursed with their names.

Its all too perfect, too good to be true.
Why go back to plain, uneventful lives lived out on earth,
When one could spend eternal youth here.
And spend immortal summer days in gay mirth.

In a place like this, you can only have fun.
In a perfect place like this there are no rules.
Only those who are a bore dare to run.
Those who would leave suffer death as fools.
Hush, my baby.
With silence, comes a power.
Hush, for you, there might be a someday, maybe.
With silence, the men will cower.

Be still, my child.
With stillness, comes desire.
Be still, do not release the wild.
With stillness, you shall rule an empire.

Be smart, my love.
With wisdom, comes control.
Be smart, resemble the sleeping dove.
With wisdom, all the queens’ men shall enroll.

Be stunning, my girl.
With beauty, comes a price.
Be stunning, you will send them in a whirl.
With beauty, you will set there hearts in ice.

Hush, my woman.
With patience, potential will level with pace.
Hush, the Saxons are comin’.
With patience, you can never live to see grace.
701 · May 2010
Scottish Sorrow
Rest assured by the sandy shore,
A wee lass, pines her love on the moor.

Leave her ‘lone ‘till the ‘morrow,
And let the wee lass release her sorrow.

Her Child's cry from within thy womb,
Darkened, double bairn in her bodies room.

Och, the lasses pain will remain,
But her mans e’er lasting love will keep her sane.

Bein’ glad for the child,
‘Twill be hard to consume her wild.
694 · May 2010
Unimaginable Afterlife
I’m flying in the light
I swallow my pain and fear,
As I hear angels and devils fight
I can shed only a single tear.
Entrancing ghosts circle the air,
The feeling of terror is waning,
The virginal silence starts to tear,
The one tear I shed, is staining.
Words in the air, the quiet is going.
Colorful vapors hover over the path.
Sticky life, hangs on to the crying spirits.
Once more, I feel Gods wrath,
And hear his cherubs haunting lyrics.
Oh Jesus! God’s queen is sweet.
Strangely, it’s peaceful behind the light.
I must now bow down and kiss her feet.
I can only help myself in heavens plight.
Red bugs ooze from crystalline water.
I stomp on them with my shoes.
She gazes, knowing no one can stop her.
For me, this is surely not good news.
An angel’s child I am to bear.
Awaken! The birthing is hard.
This one child I cannot love, I swear.
From now on, I cannot fault my guard.
Deaths life is unafraid,
But I know that his love for me is hesitant.
This life of death I have made,
But my lover’s fury is notoriously unpleasant.
My chance to flee across the river Styx,
It finally arrives, just on time.
A bribe to the rower is my quick fix.
I tell my beautiful evil child everything is fine.
But then I can throw her off the boat,
And tell her that her next life will be better.
I know it’s over when her curls cease to float.
My last words to her, were that of my last only love,
To tell her that if God had a better plan,
He had better start working hard up above.
I have relinquished his holey wingspan.
But now with who can I seek my final shelter.
For a price of passion I can take a final board.
This mans love is enough to make life swelter.
But I know I can end it all again, with this rope and cord.
686 · Jun 2010
Living Water
Everything is large when you look at right.
The right angle of perspective doesn’t make it right.

Atonement is beyond your grasp.
Colorful sins creep by your gaze like an Asp.

You eat the mud the fool told you would heal.
But just because the fool says, doesn’t make it real.

It’s all evil over the trees, says the wrong God.
You breed living water, and call it a façade.

It’s all too bizarre, the though will never end.
It is your life, but is for others to condescend.

It is always in the night, the living water haunts.
It wasn’t God or foe that did this, but it is what you flaunt.

From which dreams will you choose to portray,
The God you though you had, never went away.
682 · May 2010
Diamonds Are Mine
The waves crash on the moor,
Destroying the dreams of those once pure.

The ground begins to quake,
Sounds of driftwood beginning to break.

A sparkling cave, now for all to see,
Glittering diamonds, which will one day, adorn the hand of a wife-to-be.
680 · May 2010
Giant Night Light
The moon is like a giant night light.
A phosphorescent, glowing medallion shining bright.
A silent, silver reminder of out fright.
A burning planetary accessory, eternally in the night.
678 · May 2010
Define the perils of fame.
Do we really want to play this game?
Do we all feel the same?
Fame never fails to give you a name.

It’s playing a deadly roulette,
It’s something we don’t mess in, or play.
What do the paparazzi have to say?
When we make fools of ourselves and act this way.

What are the tribulations we suffer?
For this we have to play a little rougher,
Even when life gets a little tougher.
These are the trials we will suffer.

What good can come of this?
Of all these things, its humanity you will miss.
What do we pay for these moments of bliss?
When we are loves by the crowd, and showered with a kiss.
675 · May 2010
Brewing a Storm
From deep within,
I feel me clench,
And writhe, and twist in pain.

Go away, I tell my demons.
And don’t you dare come back,
For another day.
For I’ll be waiting,
Silver Athme in hand

A tornado raging,
Inside my head,
Hurricane in my mind.
She said

“Sleep now, my child.
Sleep of joy and love
Without loss.
Of life without pain
Dream of all you are
Slipping from now.”

Wind in hair.
Snow cementing my heart.
Spring comes back
For a few more
Of my precious,
Counted months.
673 · May 2010
So many things can happen in a moment.
Just this moment, someone died.
But someone was also born.
In the blink of an eye,
Some star we know naught of,
Exploded and sent showers of
Beautiful deadly comets around the universe.
But we wouldn’t know.
Because in this moment.
We were caught up in ourselves,
Or this poem,
Describing this very moment.
664 · Apr 2011
I am the wind at your side,
But by your laws, I cannot abide.
I am the water within you,
But the balance must remain true.
I am the fire that lights your eyes,
But without a pulse, I am no prize.
I am the ground that keeps you sane,
But if you float away, I am not to blame.
I am the spirit that will live on forever,
Because I am the way you are for the Ever
651 · May 2010
The Butterfly
Catch me in your net,
Study me with inquisitive eyes,
The future I have foretold has been set.
Beware, my captor, of all of your compulsive lies.

Stuck in a jar,
A sealed glass cage,
My people separated few and far,
My dying life suspended by rage.

The scratch of your pencil screams,
Against the yellowed papyrus page,
Colored ink closes in the seams.
Look closer, you will see, I’m not blue, but a golden sage.

Your little girl finds me fascinating,
Only a few things I will ask,
Give me back my wings for flying,
And please ask your daughter to stop shaking the glass.

Your scalpel brings me no joy,
Removing my only span of hope.
I am not a toy.
No never again will my wings and I elope.

Press my scaled soul like flowers,
Label it very precisely.
I have been stripped of all my worldly powers,
No revenge I shall exact will be done the least bit nicely.

The day has come,
You have let me go.
The world has lost its color for some,
This only goes to show.

The reds seem dull,
The blues seem shallow,
Helpless I cry, helpless I pull
My once beautiful body has come so low.

I’m to curl in a corner,
Beneath my old favorite petal,
My lifespan forced shorter,
Every move I make, it’s like i'm made of lead metal.

My last few moments,
In natures once beautiful land,
Even a winged angel cries and laments,
And comes to take a broken butterflies hand.
650 · May 2010
Scar Tissue Trash
So many scars.
They litter my arms like phosphorescent trash.
They are the evidence of my blades sorrow and my extreme lack of balance and grace.
But the white unmarred flesh around them, shine with a beautiful glow.
The blue pulsing veins that sliver and slice through my limb beat to the rhythm of my heart.
They remind me of the unimaginably gorgeous and amazing life I have been gifted with.
Then I focus back on the scars and realize that I have wasted so much of it.
No More.
My blade goes down the bag.
And my friends and family are now my artificial grace and poise.
This is all I need in my rehab.
It is all I can to to start picking up the memories of the Scar Tissue Trash.
Sweet rain drizzles on fields of purple Heather.
You sit, watching through your latticed casement sill.
With this kind of pure, unmarred, untainted weather,
You can skip the distasteful daily ritual of taking your pill.

Then the sky clears, leaving only a damp reminder.
You can go outside and walk the misty grounds.
“Marco!” you hear. You know you must find her.
You start to run, while doing so; you hear all of natures sounds.

All in due time, the mist starts to clear.
You feel the Morning Star welcome you in its rays.
Thinking, pondering, it is clarity you fear.
You want to go back to the dark, where everyone else stays.

You hear her familiar feminine laughter.
You stop to see a tempting shady tree by the sea.
You are quickly reminded you must be quick to go after her.
You have to wonder, where she might happen to be.

While this game can go on for hours,
“Polo!” you scream in a loud raspy voice.
You see a figure, but the picture soon sours.
As you run closer, you realize that only you have this choice.

A full grown woman, resorts to darting behind trees.
To escape her pursuer, her courtier, her lover in secret.
But then she falls on her knees.
And tells you a secret that must be forever kept.
626 · May 2010
Sundown Showdown
Level with me Doll.
How is this going to go down?
When are the shots going to call?
Don’t ail me with that beautiful frown.

I might be walking to my grave
With these wounds and a bottle of ***.
Lovely one, you must be brave
But know, if I lose, you must run.

I think he said it started at ten.
This situation is already bad.
I think I will wait till nine after then.
Death is only a phase, don’t be sad.

Some might call me a coward
Others might dub me a hero
But we must always march on forward.
We burned it to the ground, just like Nero.

Pack your bags at once.
Be ready on the fly to flee.
If I am a fool, I will be a dead dunce.
If I survive, know that I will be back for thee.

Know this my darling Katherine
That this deadly roadside cult,
Even when the end didn’t begin,
This was never your fault.
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