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Despite what people tell you,
To yourself, always be true.
Stick to yourself like glue.
And always remember to be you.

An outside influence is nothing.
Take it as it comes
No matter what is coming.

The only person you can hurt
When all you rely on is yourself,
Is the person you rely on,
For your mental and physical health.

You can be your own best friend.
But remember to step aside sometimes.
Your life’s complete joy can very quickly end,
When you exclude acquaintances from your life and times.
To have and to hold you
The rest of my life
These words would only **** me
As if they were a knife

Afraid of commitment
After to many breaks
Only you could guess
The chances and the stakes

I can give you my body
But never my mind
For I’ve already
Had it taken away
For an everlasting
That would put us
Both in binds

I’m sorry to say
That I can’t say I do
For only one to me
I know will be true

I though I had a friend in you
And maybe one in you and you
Little did I expect?
That you’d just think me a wreck
And now im stuck with me
That shows what I know about you and me
Why am I denied this,
This simple pleasure in life?
I have everything to risk.
But I would give anything to be your wife.

I watch you day by day,
You mind always perplexing me,
I know, from her side you will never stray,
But I offer myself to you, can’t you see?

Subtle signs say you notice me too,
But when will your will of iron break
Only too long, can my emotions brew?
But, we have everything at stake.

It’s not really my business,
But I know for a fact its true,
I know you will not risk ‘Us’
But, I can take so much better care of you
A deadly passion
Fueled by hate
Running away to
Forget is the
Last thing on my mind

A fatal love
I have for you
Call your name
Is all I can seem to do?

A dark tunnel
One which has no end
Keeps calling me back
Again and again

Come close this time
My hearts beating faster
And faster
Touch me, hold me
Love me
It’s all I ask
And I’ll return the favor
I’m in love,
Help my soul arise.
I need a little help from above.
Little girl, keep your eyes on the prize.

How do I rise?
To the top of the roosters crow?
Look into my eyes,
Tell me the truth, just like so.

I hoped to hell the angels heard
My sweet and innocent request.
I hoped they told that little bird
That I’m willing to put my faith to the test.

My deepest desires just happened to come true,
The angels really heard.
And I couldn’t be more in love with you,
I’m so glad they listened to that little bird.

Loud and clear, I hear them say
“Always be who you wanted to be.
Don’t let your love fly astray,
This evidence, don’t you see?”

These are the days of my life.
These days were grand
These are the days I learned to stand.

These are the days of my life.
These days were grand
These are the days I learned to stand.
Sweet rain drizzles on fields of purple Heather.
You sit, watching through your latticed casement sill.
With this kind of pure, unmarred, untainted weather,
You can skip the distasteful daily ritual of taking your pill.

Then the sky clears, leaving only a damp reminder.
You can go outside and walk the misty grounds.
“Marco!” you hear. You know you must find her.
You start to run, while doing so; you hear all of natures sounds.

All in due time, the mist starts to clear.
You feel the Morning Star welcome you in its rays.
Thinking, pondering, it is clarity you fear.
You want to go back to the dark, where everyone else stays.

You hear her familiar feminine laughter.
You stop to see a tempting shady tree by the sea.
You are quickly reminded you must be quick to go after her.
You have to wonder, where she might happen to be.

While this game can go on for hours,
“Polo!” you scream in a loud raspy voice.
You see a figure, but the picture soon sours.
As you run closer, you realize that only you have this choice.

A full grown woman, resorts to darting behind trees.
To escape her pursuer, her courtier, her lover in secret.
But then she falls on her knees.
And tells you a secret that must be forever kept.
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