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You walk by and it hits me
Like a brick wall.
It is subtle, yet powerful.
It washes over me making
that warm spot in my lower belly
even warmer, yet it sends chills
and shivers down my spine.
Spicy and dark, it hints
at a hidden passion.
The darkly seductive ***-god
that women so desire.
But a hint of your day,
only makes you more human
and approachable.
Autumn waves over me
months too soon.
All because you carry the
crisp leaves in your skin.
You are palpable and delicious
and sweet and cool to the touch.
Hold me now, or I fear
I might never let you go.
You are no more here
Than I am there.
Keep the red bugs for yourself.
I don't want to be there
Trapped in this plaster box.
I have the key,
I just need to learn how to use it.
Freedom has its price,
One that puts us in chains.
I would rather be roaming the world,
Releasing inexplicable emotion,
Feeling the rawness of humanity.
To see it at its best and its worst.
But where i am, my keeper wont let
The worst come and teach me a lesson.
I am the wind at your side,
But by your laws, I cannot abide.
I am the water within you,
But the balance must remain true.
I am the fire that lights your eyes,
But without a pulse, I am no prize.
I am the ground that keeps you sane,
But if you float away, I am not to blame.
I am the spirit that will live on forever,
Because I am the way you are for the Ever
I have got to make it tomorrow.
I must know what happens next
I don't like to be out of the loop
I am always in the life of the party
And if something happens tomorrow
And I am not there, I don't know
What I will do. I might die.
The killer in me whispers to me now.
Nocturnal urges creep up too.
Inspired by the musical chorus of How?
The killer in me sees it all to true.

I don't know why. I don't know how.
But the killer in me wants to **** you.
A bemused idea really. A psychopathic vow.
All I know, is it is there, I know it's true.

How poetic, romantic it is, really I must insist.
An emotion, an urge being all on its own.
The reasons of allurement I cannot list.
Why I should be the one, on this throne.

The killer in me, sees with cynical eyes.
She knows the beauty of the Death.
And grants the victim an indulgence through lies.
Sees, understands the gift, the favor, of every breath.

I am the killer that observes the light leave,
That takes no remorse in wrong, exciting deeds.
I watch the sick, unseemly fantasy I weave.
I know it is the killer in me that yearns and needs.

The killer in me says that it is perfectly, consummately OK.
The fundamental guidelines do not apply to us as one.
This is the way we are, our prevalent, primal way.
This is how we quiet the voices, this is how its done.

Cold and precise and splendid, the killer is an artist.
Taking pride in her work, making it true craft.
"The killer in me will never surface." I insist.
But when I said that, she just smiled and laughed.
To be defined as
Conforming to standard
To be just like any other *******
This is what is to be pandered
The good name ‘Unique’ is slandered
To be gerrymandered,
Nonstandard, and substandard

To be normal?

Referring to the common type
To understand ordinary hype
To be stereotyped
To have a good reason to gripe

To be normal?

To be defined as only average
To live in societies cage
To suffer such rage
Looking for love on an empty page
Missing out on a golden age

To be normal?

Bound in law isn’t free
Conforming to minor guarantee
To pay life’s admission fee
If I were you, the joke is on me
Normal isn’t what you should be
I don’t want to feel
I don’t want to know what is real
There is no reason to conceal
It is all so surreal
It is all so beautifully unreal
I like it that way
And no, you don’t have a say
Keep your opinions at bay
My life is not for you to display
I will not take this or obey
I am happy the way that I am
Isn’t that enough for you
Do you have to make me suffer too?
Along with you and you and you
This is all I ever knew
I swear it’s true
You say I can’t be happy the way I am
But I beg to differ and say I can
I refuse to be your preliminary exam
Because quite frankly I don’t give a ****
Don’t you see what you put me through?
I am worthy of this taboo
What say you?
Because I say “Adieu”
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