mojdeh Apr 2017

To the heart warm and kind
To the hands colder than Ice
To the eyes stronger than a sea
To the girl who have missed the days befor
To the swollen heart
To the the swollen heart
To the eyes full of tears
To the friendships full of lies
To the moment ruined by oneś
To the days which we were one
To the moments i felt your love
To the moments i thought you have the same feeling as mine
To the days which called life
To the heart which is heavier than a word

mojdeh Dec 2016

There is no use to pretend
That  Im ok & fine
Everything has shattered around
And my heart canť  feel  a bite
I feel like I have died inside
And my  soul trying  to getaway my body
Tears are  falling down on cheeks
Eyes are getting wet
Hands are shaken on my body
It seems  as life has reached to end
Im closeing  to  death by  each step
And i  canť  feel  nothing but
The queer enjoyable  sense  of  being free.

mojdeh Aug 2016

I have decided to leave you alone
Here in this empty house
You have never been mine
And i have never been yourś
Seems we are living together
But our hearts are far apart
We gazing at each otherś  face
Looking for a love that is lost

I looking at you for the hundreds of  time
Hope to hear a word from you
I have struggled days and nights
Killing the love which you brought to my heart
Who says  you  can forget the one
Whom brought happiness to your heart?

  Jul 2016 mojdeh
Nik Bland

My dear, I called you late in June
I wandered through the many moons
And I stood tall and I ran long
Before I questioned where you'd gone

You told me you would be back soon
That March you sang a different tune
A parting hands and parting lips
Left all our promises eclipsed

And so I let you go away
Doting on your return someday
And someday came and someday went
Until I found my patience spent

And so my dear, I call to you
A wanting on a waning moon
I poke upon the dying embers
And wonder where you'll be December

mojdeh Jul 2016

I used to be unhappy
Nagging & crying all the day
Till i found the way
How to be a happy girl
I started to enjoy life
Not like all others
I felt every moment of it
By my heart & soul

I havenť got anything I want
But I have list of things to do
Laughing, playing&  singing a song
Enjoying the things I could
Life  is not easy all the time
But  This change
Nothing lasts forever
Keeping that in your mind
Everything change.
Singing, dancing all the time
Im a happy girl tillI have a breath in my lungs!

I used to think about a " happy life"
And everytime I thought that there is something left
I complained about everyone
I  see everything in Itś  negative side
Then I became depressed
Everything was dead to me
Finally tonight  I opend my eyes & found the truth
mojdeh Jul 2016

If I could only have you I would take your hand
We would travelling around the world
We would be alwayse together like fork & spoon

If I could only have you
I would taste the love
With Itś bitterness & sweet flavours
I know I may be wrong
Though love is not a flavour
And you are not here now
So, whatś I can do now;
When my heart is alone?

I keep dreaming everyday I will see  you
You will come & seize my hand
My hands wonť be cold & swore.
Your love will be end of that!

Just  a imagianry poem
mojdeh Jul 2016

Life is about good & bad days
But sometimes your life takes you to It toughest part
To examine how much you are strong; that doesnť mean you are not strong but It examines how much you can rebuild yourself when a storm come to your life.
If you have hardship donť get dissappointated or blue
The winner is one who stand till the last
You  have given   a  vulnerable  soul& heart  but, trust me
You will gain something more wealthier thing than you lose. like a piece of a diamond which it is hidddn in a shell,
Big win will come to your life when you have hard days. Wait for that; keep strong

Actually I had gum surgery 2 days ago. I canť  speak  or eat well.
Itś  summer & I canť do anything but rest. Cause Im weakier than alwayse.  
My only wish & dream these day is to be better soon
& I ask god all day to help all of other people who are ill too; I ashamed myself for complaining about life cause I underestood eating & speaking are both great.
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