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M Padin Dec 2016
The sun casts long shadows upon the lawn
As a man races for that distant point—
a heedless body of effulgent brawn,
brighter still than the gleaming stars at dawn.

In him the earth and heavens are joint,
like a chimeric animal, a faun.

But only insofar as he is free
from the accursed gleist and its petty plea.
(c) 2016
M Padin Dec 2016
Aún naciste niño pobre,
pero, a través de los años,
has desempeñado el papel
de un hombre sin doble.  

Y como el hijo que no olvida
Yo será tu segunda vida

Porque siento el fulgor
del amor, amor, amor...
(c) 2016
M Padin Dec 2016
Have I tired thee with my affection?
It cannot but be, I will now admit,
since all wanderers must elect a star
to consult for their journey's benefit.

Else they are cast afar without a light.
And how can any man hope to probe the night
Save by another's luminescent grace
Evident in a most startling face?
(c) 2016
M Padin Sep 2016

The reverberations of the dark blood
Steam and flood
The hollowed eyes;
And once mouthed, issue sighs
Which split the wood & shatter rock.


The tremulous wringing of ageing hands
Shift hot sands
In ugly time;
And once marked, strike the chime
Which holds the hour & breaks the clock.
(c) 2016. All rights reserved.
M Padin Sep 2016
A lone, brooding shadow in blighted May,
He lifts his noble head against the day.

About which unkempt hair tumbles in curls.
(The large unblinking eyes glisten as pearls.)

In pastures bold and free, untouched by hands—
Here the dark horse, immovable, stands.
(c) 2016. All rights reserved.
M Padin May 2016
There is a kind of
which is not

It is the gnashing
of teeth,
the obstructed
bowel movement.

Speech is an inducement
to polyphony.
But not the truth
behind a muffled cry.

In this, the shudder
of leaves
is more sincere
than all the wrack
heard at the county fair.
(c) 2016. All rights reserved.
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